10 Important Facebook Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

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If you are a small business and want to establish your brand via Facebook marketing, we would like to suggest the ten most important tips to help you grow your business quickly.

  1. Create a Facebook Group

Facebook groups aren’t necessarily a sales booster for your business, but it would be a wonderful platform where you can focus on building a solid community with regular product and service updates. Having a Facebook group that includes your customers and potential leads helps you get word of mouth and useful feedback from the customers.

You may generate leads using Facebook group membership questions and run an email campaign through Facebook groups by using a Facebook automation tool like Groupboss. You may also join the group as a page.


  1. Optimize the business page with required information

Your business page in Facebook is needed to be optimized if you want to get more traction on that. To do so you have to restructure the hierarchy of the tabs, include the tabs that are important, omit the unnecessary tabs. This will give your page visitors a smooth experience once they land on your page to see the contents.

  1. Format your pictures properly

Formatting your pictures correctly and maintaining the quality is as essential as you need to upload them regularly. You have to ensure that the images are of high resolution, edited well, and the text and graphics added to the picture are eye-catching, which aligns with your brand. There are different pixel criteria for different types of photos. The resolution of the profile image won’t match the shared link thumbnail image. So, act accordingly!

  1. Stay on top of the mind 
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There is no alternative to presenting yourself frequently to the audience. You need to develop better and brighter concepts and promote your brand with newer flair daily. You have to disseminate information but not in such a quantity that irritates your audience. You have to entertain them but not so much that they think you are silly. You need to promote the product in such a way so that the audience doesn’t think that’s the only thing you are doing. So, make sense with your offers, promotions, and events that generate value for them, and they find it engaging.

  1. Put the CTA strategically

A call-to-action button is necessary to persuade your Facebook page visitors to take necessary action to generate revenue or increase your site traffic. You may use the buttons like- ‘Buy Now’, ‘Sign up’, ‘Subscribe’, ‘Watch Video’ etc. But don’t always put CTA in all the posts. It might dissuade the visitors from taking action.


  1. Quick reply to the DMs

Never put your customers in waiting once they reach you for any support or query. A professional business never disappoints its customers; instead, it prioritizes solving their issues. So, act promptly once you see customers reaching out in the inbox or simply commenting on your posts.


  1. Use the best visual contents

Be reasonably choosy and fastidious once you upload visual content from your business page. Remember, it is your business, not your profile. So, a sense of branding and promotion should be reflected in the visuals you upload. Always keep in mind that quality is far more important than quantity in the case of uploading visual content.

  1. Post videos
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Video is the single biggest engaging material in social media. You may already have noticed that the frequency of uploading video in social media is gradually increasing every day. It’s because people are now more reluctant in reading big posts rather they want to see and hear what you have to show and tell. So, video could be a wonderful tool for your Facebook marketing campaigns.

  1. Look for user generated contents

By obtaining permission from the customers who post your product’s images and videos on social media, you can use the user-generated content to uplift your brand’s reputation. This is a helpful Facebook Marketing tip for small businesses with little money to invest behind the paid advertisement, but a little will and an eye fixed on the circumspect helps you get there! 


  1. Connect your Facebook page link to your Website

Making your mark on Facebook for business growth requires you to frequently let people know that you own a Facebook page and regularly post there. The website you manage for your business should be linked with the Facebook page you manage for your business. You need to add a button for your Facebook page to the blog posts, webpages, and other social media sites that you manage so that people get to know about it. This way, you will be able to attract more viewers to your Facebook page and get more likes and followers.

Pro Tip: 

Small businesses that strive for long-term success leveraging the Facebook marketing tools, can use these tips to stay ahead of their competitors and strengthen their brands. But that’s not all. You must continuously develop your product as a small business, deliver well with receipts and treat customers properly at every touch point. That will make these tips work for you.    

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Undoubtedly, Facebook has made business processes much easier and more cost-effective. The number of users for Facebook business tools is also surging as 200 million small businesses across the globe use them. That’s why sticking to conventional marketing practices and neglecting this strong tide of advantage would be pointless. So, realize the actual value of Facebook and unleash your potential using it for your marketing purposes!