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Do you hesitate to buy a luxury watch? There are many benefits to wearing a watch, so let’s take a closer look at why you should wear one.

Watches are a staple piece of clothing for everyone in Pakistan, irrespective of watches price in Pakistan. Watches are considered symbols of personal style and self-expression and are a primary item of clothing for professionals and students alike.

An overview of the history of watches:

During the late 19th and early 20th century, wristwatches were used on battlefields, but they are now fashionable accessories.

Before the outbreak of World War I, the wristwatch was considered a lady’s accessory, which required maneuvering around for a pocket watch during battle. This led to the development of the men’s wristwatch, which provided soldiers with more time to perform other essential tasks.

A new way of wearing a watch on the wrist emerged after the war and was soon adopted by the civilian population. The public initially ridiculed it and saw it as an absurd trend. Still, the world embraced wristwatches for men as the norm, making pocket watches obsolete due to their practicality and affordability.


In recent years, smartphones have almost entirely replaced watches on men’s wrists. When a smartphone does everything, why wear a wristwatch? Here are ten reasons why watches are still necessary and desirable.

1.    Convenient to tell the time

Watches are worn primarily for keeping track of time. Smartphones are certainly more useful than watches, but a wristwatch allows you to tell time much easier than a smartphone since it is faster and easier. With a wristwatch, you can tell the time with a simple flick, unlike a smartphone, which needs to be unlocked before you can see it.

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Wristwatches are also convenient for wearing everywhere, even while swimming or skiing. On the other hand, smartphones cannot be kept with outdoor activities.

2.   A great fashion accessory

Watches are great fashion accessories that add a touch of class to your appearance. Wristwatches can be stylish, useful, and a status symbol.

A watch can be the perfect way to dress up an outfit and allow you to express your sense of style, personality, and humor, as well as add a touch of elegance to your ensemble. If you are searching for a timepiece with great quality that fits your looks, we suggest you try the Seiko 5.

3.   Helps to be punctual and aware of the time

Watches keep you punctual – phones don’t. In other situations where you should leave the phone concealed – such as at the beach, at a funeral or at a wedding – a watch is a much subtler and more convenient way to check the time. Watches help you become punctual and always aware of time.

4.   Give credibility and professionalism.

You can easily increase your credibility and professionalism by wearing a wristwatch. Additionally, with wristwatches on hands, a work suit looks complete. To look more professional, you should consider getting a wristwatch. You don’t have to buy an expensive one such as an Omega or Rolex. You need something stylish and dapper that is still good enough for everyday use.

5.   Stops from being too dependent on smartphone

Smartphone addiction is a real problem that affects millions of people worldwide negatively. A wristwatch is one way to reduce your dependency on your smartphone. Your wristwatch will give you an easy way to tell the time, so you will have less need to look at your phone.

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6.   A functional tool

In addition to serving as a timekeeping tool, some watches can serve other purposes. For example, a dive watch, a classic watch with water resistance, is more robust than a standard watch and will withstand force better than a regular watch. Therefore, dive watches are suitable for diving and outdoor activities. Quartz wristwatches are more functional today because they have sophisticated functions like alarm clocks, timers, backlights, time zones, etc.

7.   To appreciate the craftsmanship of a watch.

A good watch is like a piece of jewelry; it is beautifully crafted and adds beauty to your wrist. Cheap watches from China are unimpressive, but more expensive watches with stainless steel casings are usually quite impressive.

Whenever you want the finest things in watches, you should get an automatic watch. It’s got good movement, a good dial, a metal case, and last but not least, a good bracelet or strap. Automatic watch models are always available in expensive sections.

8.   Watches as an investment

The watch is one of the best investments that you can make. You will likely earn profits over the years if you are lucky enough to own a limited-edition watch or an iconic timepiece.

You usually only have to pay a one-time fee to buy a watch, and then you should service it every 4-5 years if it is mechanical. Another advantage of investing in watches is that they do not necessarily incur too much cost. Watches that are properly cared for and treated can last a lifetime and even centuries. You can pass your watch down to future generations.

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9.   The Signs of Adulthood

Wearing a wristwatch is a great way of expressing that you are an adult and mature enough to wear it. It also shows that you are a responsible adult and value your own time and that of others.

10.                It can be a handy personal compass.

One can use the watch as a personal compass with the hour and minute hands on a wristwatch.

During the daytime, you can use this method by pointing the hour’s hand toward the sun. Then, make your imaginary line on the watch face and divide the angle between the hour hand and the marker at 12 o’clock equally on your imaginary line. Using this line, you can navigate North-South.


We hope you found this article useful in explaining why people should wear wristwatches, and if you have any questions regarding it, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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