10 tips to eat fast and healthy

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Faced with an urgent hunger, we are tempted to fill our stomach as quickly and indiscriminately. How to reconcile emergencies and healthy eating?

The constraints of our employees’ lives – schedules, transport, fatigue – leave us little respite to eat serenely. So, whether it’s midday or 9 pm, deciding on a last-minute meal can become a recurring problem: multiple detours at the grocery store are expensive in time and money, as is restaurant caterer. As for the call to the pizza deliveryman, it is better to avoid it if you want to keep the line …

In order not to sacrifice our health and enjoy eating at the pace of our busy schedules, here are some simple tips to implement.

Establish weekly meal lists with 5 ideas

Think about five menu ideas each week and rate them. Knowing what to eat during the week allows you to organize yourself accordingly and to have all the ingredients at hand when the time comes.

Create a repertory of 20 to 25 recipes

There are many recipes in magazines and on the internet. As soon as you come across those that make you salivate, cut them out and keep them. You can classify these recipes – including your best of – into several categories: meal soups, pasta dishes, poultry, beef, vegetarian dishes … You will not fall short of ideas from one day to another.

On weekends or as soon as you receive, cook 2 to 3 more servings

By placing these portions in the freezer, this will make a meal for the next day or for the week. You can also cook a large piece of meat and recycle it into hashish or lasagna … Combining it with pasta, vegetables, a sauce and a bit of cheese, the meal is ready in about twenty minutes.

Plan surpluses

Yeah, being voluntarily wide on Mardi Gras beef parmentier will allow you to enjoy pasta with Bolognese sauce on Thursday!

Have the reflex to recycle your remains the very next day

Do not wait for them to be outdated, at the risk that they end in the garbage: too much rice and pasta are used in salad or grain depending on the season. Even if they lose a little of their freshness, vegetables can also be reused hot or cold. All the lonely vegetables (a tomato here, half a bell pepper), as well as cheese rogatons or the half-slice of ham lost in the bottom of the fridge, can be spread on a dough and placed in the oven to form an authentic homemade pizza. The hard bread is also recycled into loaves.

Cook in mini format, it cooks faster!

An example: for six mitigations dauphinoise express: in a muffin pan, fill each alveolus with alternating slices of potatoes, grated Gruyere, salt, pepper and liquid cream. Bake for 20 minutes at 200 ° C.

Advance as soon as you have a little time

A vinaigrette, prepared vegetables, a meat marinated in the morning for the evening, are fewer gestures to be made at the end of the day. A quickly frozen thaw the day before in the fridge is better than in a microwave.

Always have something to make a (very) good basics that you know how to achieve in 10 minutes

Ex: Pasta + tuna + tomato sauce or pizza dough + tomato sauce + mozzarella + cherry tomatoes. with pasta of original shapes, quality cheese, frozen herbs.

Shopping outside peak hours, via the internet or with drive delivery

This saves you time, energy and not cracking on products that you will never have time to cook.

Favor fast food in the trolley

Choose chicken breasts rather than whole chicken and steak instead of roast beef. Many fresh vegetables (spinach, broccoli, green beans, courgettes in slices …) cook in ten minutes maximum. For legumes, use canned vegetables to avoid soaking time (unless you’ve thought about it the day before).




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