Earn Money Online
Earn Money Online:11 Ways to make money Online in 2020

Earn Money Online:11 Ways to make money Online in 2020

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This post was most recently updated on July 22nd, 2020

Earn Money Online: Make Money Online Without any investment: [2020]

Hey folks. We all know that this is the best era to make money online just sitting on Room or remotely having an Internet connection. Most of the beginners fail and don’t sustain for a longer period of time and got a failure. So now be ready to make genuine online money with long-time benefits.

Remember one thing and keep in mind that, there is no shortcut to earn money in any field or domain. You need Expertise and patient in any field So that you can Earn continuous money and use your experience for your future branding. We will share you the some of the trending tips and once you follow accordingly then surely you will generate enough amounts. So before going big, Start small and work genuinely to build the trust and brand name among your users.

These are the most popular trending Points for Earning money online in 2019. Follow these steps below Now:

Tips for Easiest way of Earning Money : [Updated 2020]

1.Social media Marketing and Optimisation

2.Digital Media Marketing

3.Content Writing


5.Affiliate Marketing

6.YouTube marketing

7.Consulting and Counselling

8.Facebook Group and page

9. Buy and Sell domain names


11.Influencer marketing

 Earn Money Online Without Any Investment :

1.Social Media Marketing and Optimisation:

In today’s Generation Everybody is having Net access. Social media marketing is the easiest ways to drive traffic to any website.  Most popular Social media marketing platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and Snap Chat.   One can earn money by making the Profile of the clients and managing their day to day activities.  You can earn money by running promoting  Affiliate marketing, Sponsored content, Videos etc.

2.Digital Media Marketing:  

“Digital media “Is the most popular Word in the Online Marketing world. Digital media marketing encompasses all marketing efforts like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay-per-click (PPC), Affiliate Marketing, Native Advertising, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Online PR etc.

 Everybody is saying they are Digital media Expert.  One who has Internet access can easily maintain and manage the digital media work of their clients. This the most popular way of earning money for a Non Technical guy.

11 Ways to make money Online in 2019: Scoopearth

3.Content Writing:

“Content is the King”.   A person whose is Expertise in any domain with Good Writing skills can make Content For their clients. This is also one of the Top levels demanding work in the current online world. Everybody having Website need a Content writer. For SEO and Google, search Ranking Content plays the most significant role. People charge money per words basis.


Now a day’s Blogging is the most Common word in online Earning. If writing is Your Profession then you can make a Blog and start promoting them. First Make a Word press Site and buy cheap hosting according to your Budget range, Connect the website with all your Social media Platform.  Google Adsense and Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money through blogging but one has to be patient and Continue with their passion at least 1year without Focussing on the Money part.  You can earn millions of money through blogging but it needs extreme patient.

5.Affiliate Marketing:

 According to Wikipedia Affiliate Marketing is a marketing Practice where a business rewards one or more affiliates for each sale made by the affiliate. There are three popular way to make money through Affiliate marketing

  • Pay per Click (PPC): You can make money online depending on the number of the visitors redirected by you to the website of the Merchant from your own site, Whether you make a sale or not.
  •  Pay Per Sale (PPS): The merchant pays you a certain percentage of the price of sales made after a purchase is completed.
  • Pay Per Lead (ppl): You make money online once a visitor provides their contact info on the merchant site.

If you have Started own blogging platform or Your Website is getting more number of Traffic or visitors then you can Link other website links to your website redirecting to Others website.  Some of the most common Affiliate marketplaces are like Shareasale, CJ, and Clickbank

6.YouTube Channel:

YouTube is the most Trending Platform for Youngster.   Select a name and create a YouTube channel.  Make Quality Videos and Start Uploading Slowly. Once you make Sufficient Subscribers then you can apply For the YouTube Partner Programme.

Once you get the Approval from youtube you can see ads Along with your Videos. You will start getting Money based on your Subscribers and views. You can start making Videos from Your smartphone and later on, you can buy a DSL.

7.Consulting and Counselling:

Consulting and Counselling Will Work for a Person having Some Expertise in any Particular Domain. For Example, I have conducted many interviews related to jobs and careers and I am doing Counselling for Career related people. For this, I have joined many online platforms so that people consult me For counseling in Job and Career Field and the company Pay us Commissions based on Number of counseling and Consulting.

11 Ways to make money Online in 2019: Scoopearth

8.Facebook Group and Page:

We have 3 Facebook Groups and about 10 Facebook Pages.  We made our First group in 2014 for jobs and Career. We Built a Community and started inviting people to join our group We started sharing genuine information related to Job career and Education. Within 3month our group got viral and it reached 90k+ people, now the group has more than 4lakhs+ members. So Decide your Field of interest make a community and keep on sharing Latest information to Your Group. Similarly, you can make a Facebook page and invite your Friends to like your page.

On regular basis keep on posting shareable Quality Contents, Memes /Quotes, and Videos etc. Once you make Good Audience then you can Promote Your Product or your client Content and you can earn based on sell or view.  You can also make money through Sharing a Quality Content, Images, and Videos for your own website or through promoting the same for your clients.

9.Buy and Sell Domain names:

You need little investment to buy a Domain name From go daddy or any other domain selling Platform. You use your mind here to buy such kind of Domain name which is yet not sold and will be demanding in coming Future. Buy them and sell them after a few years in good Amount.


Before Making a Website Find For your Passion and Idea.  If you’re Budget is less then you can make a website on word press.  Once your site is live you can connect them with all social media links and start promoting them on different social media so that you can generate little traffic on your website for selling.

If you are a technical guy having little bit Knowledge of Website designing and web hosting then you can make websites for your client at a reasonable rate. This is the other way of Generating revenue.

11.Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing means a particular Person or Brand having Good Number of followers on Social media Or Subscribers on YouTube Channel.  A person having Good Number of followers or Subscriber Can Make money By Promoting Others Advertisement, Contents and drive traffic to The Clients Website. An influencer can also make good amount Through Promoting their own Products, Affiliate links, and Adds.

Conclusion :

So finally we Explained how to earn Money online with less or Without investment. If you follow these things Then surely you can earn money online.

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