3 Settings iPhone Experts Say You Should Change Immediately Because They Drain Your Battery

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When you first bought your iPhone, it worked as fast as lightning. You could load pages in mere seconds and never had to wait for long to enjoy an app you downloaded. But these days, it feels like speed has travelled down the apps sunroof. So, what’s the actual problem? Sometimes you need a brand-new battery or worse; a whole new phone! Before you go through expensive extremes, try changing these three settings on your iPhone at least one time that are known to drain battery power. These are three changes expert iPhone users say will make a difference when it comes to saving your phone’s battery life.

Low Power Mode

If you’re not taking advantage of Low Power Mode on your phone, you are not optimizing its energy usage. It’s a key opportunity to keep your device running efficiently.

If you’re worried about how long your battery will last, don’t worry! There are ways to preserve battery life. For example, the ‘Power Mode’ option in OS X can help you save battery when you’re low. The ‘Low Power Mode’ option is an unusual setting that can temporarily reduce brightness and block apps from syncing or draining battery. It’s not just for saving power on a dead phone – it could also be useful when you’re out of options and need to charge your phone on a trip or while you sleep. According to Jeff Romero, founder of Octiv Digital.

Low Power Mode is an application that limits the functionality of your device while extending the battery life. To activate it, go to Settings > Battery and turn on Low Power Mode.

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Auto-Lock and Background App Refresh

The Auto-Lock is a setting that controls how long your iPhone will stay active before it locks itself. “To save power, it’s best to set this to as low as possible (30 seconds or less),” said Jeroen van Gils, CEO of LiFi

van Gils also reminds us to turn off Background App Refresh, which could needlessly be killing battery. “This setting allows apps to update their content in the background,” van Gils said. “While this can be helpful in some cases, it also drains your battery. To preserve power, it’s best to disable this feature or only allow a few select apps to refresh in the background.”

Push Notifications

Even if you use your apps frequently, it can be difficult to keep track of all the notifications they send. If you’re experiencing a battery drain, it’s best to disable notifications completely or only allow a few select apps to send them. This will help save power and reduce your battery life in the process.

Before you go to extreme measures to make your battery run efficiently and faster, try changing these settings.

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