3d Logos – A Modern Logo Type to Help You Stand Out

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Your company’s logo is one of the first things people will remember and identify your company by.

A normal 2D logo is great to have, but it stands a chance of being just like everyone else’s.

Finding and using 3D logo templates gives you the opportunity to stand out.

Logo design templates are relatively easy to find, and becoming even more popular.

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol, styled text, or image a business uses to represent themselves or their products. 

It’s a vital part of advertising and identity. 

Most logos are created by professional graphic artists, who consult with the company to create a design that perfectly resembles them. 

Many people can tell what a business or product is just by seeing the logo. 

This fact is so true that there are trivia games based around people’s knowledge of product and company logo identification. 

In fact, if someone were to say the name of certain businesses, I bet you can see their logo in your head and possibly even draw it.

Types of logos

There are many different types of logos to design. 

Some of the most popular types are:

  • Wordmark — classic and pure in form, often called logotype. This is simply the name, often an artistic flair to make the name stand out. Used by companies like Dyson or Sharpie
  • Monogram — contains one to four letters, usually the company’s initials. Sometimes the company’s full name is typed under the stylized monogram. Used by companies like Channel, Hewlett Packard, or New York Yankees
  • Combination — the most common logo. Includes wordmark logo and a symbol. Places like Pizza Hut, Expedia, and Discord use it
  • Brandmark — a picture or symbol that stands alone, with no words as the logo. Example Shell Gas Station, Twitter, Target 
  • Emblem — one of the oldest types used. Vintage text in a shape, typically a circle. Some companies that use this are Starbucks, Harley-Davidson, and Paramount
  • Mascot — an illustrated character used as the company’s mascot. Examples are TripAdvisor, Reddit, Duolingo
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What is a 3D logo?

A 3D logo is the use of any of the types of logos set in a three-dimensional style.

It is designed to grab your attention and leave its mark on your mind.

A 3D logo can be stationary or animated, so long as it pops out. 

Some popular companies that have gone modern with 3D logos are Lionshead Entertainment, XBox 360, and UPS.

3D logos are fantastic for use on television and online platforms. 

To design a 3D logo, the artist uses shadows, gradients, and highlighting to make the design have an illusionary effect that is seemingly more raised than it is.   

Finding the best design

A logo is meant to be memorable, which stands to reason it should be distinctive, unique, and simple.

Concept and execution of a logo are the two most important things to ensure a logo is successful.

When people see your logo, what do you want it to say about your company or business? A great logo has personality.  

As you design your logo, keep any font you use simple and readable at any size. Try to avoid hard to read fonts like Comic Sans.

Choosing as few colors that go well together as possible is best. 

Finding a logo designer is one of the best things you can do to ensure your logo is perfect — that’s what they’re trained for.

A 3D logo is made to stand out in many ways. 

Finding and using 3D logo templates will give you an extra advantage and will make your logo easier to remember.

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There are many logo design templates available for free to choose from. 

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