4 Ways in which Businesses can Improve Energy-Efficiency

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When scouting brains to revamp an office design, ways to increase energy efficiency is at the forefront for many business owners. And why not, having a sustainable environment and lighting can reduce wastage, contribute to savings, and ultimately help save the planet. 

Whatever your reason may be, it is always beneficial to look for different ways that can help make your workplace eco-friendly and efficient for better human behaviour, profits and a healthy economy. Whether revamping or designing outdoor commercial lighting or indoor lighting solutions, one needs to integrate the right approach to choosing and fitting lighting systems. 

Read on the below-mentioned points which a business can incorporate into its lighting design plan to improve its energy efficiency effectively.  

So why wait? Let’s check out some amazing ways to reduce carbon footprint at business and contribute to the overall growth and development of the organization and economy, as well. 

Tip #1- First things first, switch to LED

Today is the world of modern LED lighting. After all, they are more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs and other luminaires. To be precise, they consume 50% less energy than regular lighting solutions and they are known to last longer. These are some amazing benefits of using LED lights in your workspace. Furthermore, they emit a lot less heat which simply means you don’t need to use the air conditioning as much.

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Tip #2- Take advantage of natural lighting as much as possible

Creating a biophilic design is a must to achieve a sustainable environment within a business. Consider having wide and large windows, more plants, and skylights to have a natural effect at the workplace. Natural lighting, be it direct or indirect has various benefits, like eye-soothing, empowering positive influence or adjusting human behaviour righteously and cheering up the mood of the employees. Many business owners are opting for solar lighting to take the maximum advantage of sunlight and reduce electricity bills.

Tip #3- Consider adding sensors and controls

Upgrade old technology to new. Yes, the best way to stay in the competitive world and increase energy efficiency is to be up-to-date with the technical aspects of lighting. Now, smart lighting controls and sensors are in demand. These will help you save electricity by turning off the lights when the room is vacant. They do so by sensing body movements. In addition, advanced controls offer zone control, energy monitoring, lighting control or dimming, task tuning and daylight harvesting. 

Tip #4- Go for Task Lighting

Try to match lighting with your task. Include task lights in particular areas which require focused illumination along with the overall lighting system. This will increase employees’ productivity and improve the quality of work by giving them a clear vision and suitability. There are many types of LEDs available in the market. Choose according to the size, fitting, and type of work to reap maximum benefits. You can go for recessed luminaires from top lighting manufacturers in India such as Wipro Lighting to suit your needs significantly.

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Wrap up

As a business owner, you would want everything to be perfect in terms of saving money while ensuring employee and customers satisfaction. One of the ways to achieve it effectively is by integrating the right kind of modern lighting solutions. Just aim for getting the best-LED lighting from trusted brands. They have a wide range of luminaires from LED outdoor landscape lighting to indoor commercial lights. You can explore them by visiting their website and get better insights on the specification features and benefits of different types of products to avail. 

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