5 Best Paraphrasing Tools In SEO To Avoid Plagiarism

In simple words, paraphrasing is writing or expressing other ideas, thoughts, or words in your interpretation by acknowledging the source where you get them.
In simple words, paraphrasing is writing or expressing other ideas, thoughts, or words in your interpretation by acknowledging the source where you get them.
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Writing has been an important part of our study life and work life, in our schools, colleges, and universities we have to do assignments and research papers that must be unique and not copied from anywhere.

Talking about work-life, businesses depend on content to introduce their business or product to the world, content marketing has become an important marketing strategy for this fast-paced world.

Students got so many shortcuts to do their academic work if they are given a topic to do a written assignment they simply search for that topic on Google and copy-paste it if they are instructed content uniqueness they go for paraphrasing.

Let’s discuss paraphrasing in depth!

What is paraphrasing?

In simple words, paraphrasing is writing or expressing other ideas, thoughts, or words in your interpretation by acknowledging the source where you get them.

Your understanding skills must be great to write paraphrasing content if you are unable to create readability through your content, you will eventually fail.

What things you should consider while writing paraphrasing content?

You can not write paraphrasing content without understanding the tactics to make it amazing and worth reading, some of them are:

  • Read the original content again and again until you built a clear understanding in your mind.
  • Don’t start right after reading the original content, it is suggested to note down important and key concepts of that content.
  • Now write your content but do not look at the original one while writing.
  • Once you are done writing your content, your next step is to do some major amendments so that your paraphrased content should not look similar to the original one.
  • Edit it by including a good and unique heading, add bullet points, look at the format if it has to be changed, go for it.
  • After following all the previous steps, do not submit or upload your paraphrased content without including citation, it is mandatory to acknowledge the source.

In the section given below, we are going to discuss some of the best paraphrasing tools and how they help us to improve our writing.

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What is the paraphrasing tool used for?

Rewriting original content on your own is a hectic and time-consuming task, you can easily get furious if you have to rewrite a bunch of content, here comes a paraphrasing tool to rescue you.

Paraphrasing tools generate unique and concise content, users need to input the original content taken from a search engine, and within a few seconds, the tool will generate the paraphrased content.

Here we are going to discuss the 5 best paraphrasing tools.

5 paraphrasing tools to use in 2021


This paraphrasing tool is one of the most widely used tools to rewrite, rephrase, or spin the text, it works in a very effective way without costing you a penny.

It doesn’t change the context of the source text while paraphrasing it, and it claims to generate plagiarism-free content so that if you are writing to upload your content on Google it will not avoid SEO rules.

Google will never rank content copied from other sites because it is against SEO policies and to avoid that tension this paraphrasing tool generates plagiarism-free content and work on its readability too.

How to use it?

There is no fuss in using this tool, you just have to visit the link you will see a white text box with the ‘Enter text here to paraphrase’ caption.

You have to first copy the text that you want to paraphrase and paste it on the text box you can also upload a file from your documents, after that, you will see a blue button with the ‘Paraphrase it’ caption, hit that button.

Within a few seconds, you will see the paraphrased content in the white box opposite to the input text box, you can read the text and copy or download it for further use.


This paraphrasing tool could be your next tool to reverse or rewrite content, it claims to reverse the text by changing the sentence structure buy without changing the sentence meaning.

You can use this tool free of cost, there is no hidden fee to use this tool, you will get fully paraphrased and plagiarism-free content via this tool.

The content generated from this tool is reliable in the sense it will not affect SEO policies, and there is no word limit imposed on this tool, Google crawlers will not ignore your content generated from this tool.

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How to use it?

The process of using this tool is simple, it is quite user-friendly even the 5th-grade student can use this tool, all you have to do is visit the link of this tool.

There you will see a wide text box with the caption ‘Type or paste your content here to paraphrase it’, you have to copy and paste the text or you can type the text, after that hit the ‘paraphrase’ button, wait for a few seconds, your result will be displayed, copy or download the content for use.


This paraphrasing tool is also a good option, as it claims to be multilingual it primarily rewrites source text by using a rewording strategy.

It generates paraphrased content by using synonyms of words, its focus on 100% plagiarism-free content that you can use for your academic and work activities.

Taking about its cost, you don’t have to pay any subscription fee you can use this online tool free and as result, you will have quality content.

How to use it?

You can easily use this tool, go to the home page select language from the option at the top right corner it supports multiple languages to ease users.

You will see a white box with an ‘Enter or paste your text here’ caption you have to paste or type the content in that box, you will see a blue button on top of that box with ‘Paraphraz.it’ caption hit that button, it will take a few minutes to generate your result.


If you wanna write an article that inspires or blogs that ranks on a search engine but you don’t have enough time to write on your own, what will you do then? You can use this paraphrasing tool.

This tool will allow you to create your unique blogs free of plagiarism within a few minutes, there is no word limit restricted with the use of this tool.

It will generate content that will engage your audience, and it is a good option for you if you want to boost your writing career.

How to use it?

Similar to others, this tool is very friendly to use when you are on the web page of this tool you will see a white text area with a ‘click here to write’ caption, you will have to paste your original text on that white box or you can simply upload a file from your system.

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For user ease and accessibility, this tool supports multiple languages you can select one from the dropdown menu.

After that, you will see a blue button with a ‘Paraphrase Now’ caption hit that button to generate your unique paraphrased content, wait for a few minutes and you will see your results in the box next to the input box.


Last but not the least, you can use their article rewriter tool to create paraphrased text for your assignments, projects, blogs, and even for content marketing.

This rewriter claims to generate text that is up to SEO policies with good readability, and you can use this tool without paying a penny.

Professional writers can also use this tool without any doubt, or confusion, and similar to other paraphrasing tools it also supports multi-languages you can select one according to your requirement.

The most important thing about their article rewriter tool is that it generates text as if it is written by a human, isn’t it amazing?

How to use it?

If you have used paraphrased tools at some point in your lives there will be no problem in using this tool, but if you are using this tool for the first time you don’t have to worry as it is the simplest tool to use.

When you reach its online web page you will see a white text box, now you have to copy the source text which you want to paraphrase, paste that text to that white box by pressing Ctrl + V, or you can do it manually.

Hit the blue button with the ‘Rewrite Article Now’ caption, wait for a few minutes it might take some time to compose the result, once it is done you will see your required result, use it anywhere you like.

Final Words

In a nutshell, paraphrased content is now widely used by students, professional writers, bloggers, and business people to promote their products through content marketing.

There are multiple reasons why you switch to paraphrasing content instead of writing your own, in this article we have mentioned the 5 best paraphrasing tools that will help you generate plagiarism-free content, you don’t have to pay a penny for this work.

So what are you waiting for? Try these tools to reduce your academic and work pressure, hope you will find this article helpful!

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Niraj Kumar