5 Downsides of Dewy Setting Spray

Dewy setting sprays are popular for giving makeup a natural, glowing finish. They can make the skin appear radiant and healthy. It makes them an excellent choice for those with dry or dull skin.

However, despite many benefits, dewy setting sprays also have some downsides. Before investing in these makeup finishing sprays, knowing about them is essential.

Not Suitable for Oily Skin

The dewy setting spray adds luminosity and hydration to the skin. While this may be ideal for those with dry or dull complexions, it can exacerbate issues for people with oily skin.

Using a dewy setting spray on oily skin may cause makeup to break down faster and create a greasy appearance.

If you have oily skin, use a matte setting spray to help control shine and keep your makeup in place. These sprays are formulated to absorb excess oil and provide a smooth, matte finish.

Make Skin Appear Too Shiny

While a dewy glow can be flattering, too much shine can make the skin appear greasy or sweaty. Overusing your best dewy setting spray can create an overly shiny appearance that may not be desirable.

To avoid looking too shiny, use a dewy setting spray sparingly and choose a formula with a subtle glow. You can also use a setting powder in areas prone to shine, like the T-zone, to balance the dewiness.

May Accentuate Texture and Imperfections

The reflective properties of dewy setting sprays can sometimes draw attention to skin texture and imperfections. If you have acne, scars, or large pores, a dewy finish setting spray may make these issues more noticeable.

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To avoid this condition, use the setting spray only on the high points of your face, such as the cheekbones and brow bones. Alternatively, you can use a matte setting spray to minimize the appearance of texture and imperfections.

It may Not Provide a Long-lasting Hold.

Dewy finish setting spray primarily focuses on providing a luminous finish rather than a long-lasting hold. As a result, it may not be as effective in keeping your makeup in place throughout the day.

If you need your makeup to last all day, consider using a matte setting spray for better longevity.

Can Interfere with Powder Products

Makeup does require some power touch-ups throughout the day. But your dewy finish setting spray makes it difficult.

Even if you use the best dewy setting spray, it can sometimes make applying powder products challenging. The added moisture may cause the powder to cling to the skin unevenly or appear patchy.

Set your makeup with a translucent powder before applying the dewy setting spray to avoid this issue. It will create a barrier between your makeup and the setting spray, making it easier to apply powder products.

Wrap up!

You may be a fan of setting spray to achieve a perfectly moist and dewy makeup finish, but it comes with numerous challenges. The extra glow and shine on your face can risk the makeup overall and lead to a makeup disaster.

It’s better to know about the potential downsides or challenges of the dewy finish setting spray before using it. Make it with your skin type and use it appropriately to avoid problems.

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If you have oily skin, it’s better to use alternative options for a glow in your makeup. You can use highlighters, glow primers, foundation, shimmers, and more.

Ultimately, the key to effectively using a dewy setting spray is understanding its limitations and adjusting your makeup routine accordingly. Doing so lets you enjoy a radiant, glowing complexion while minimizing any potential downsides.

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