5 Easy Hairstyle Every Girl Should Know To Get A Perfect Look

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On good hair days when actually your hair is manageable, you know you can handle everything with confidence. You can add new hairstyles to a regular schedule that require less time and effort. You don’t have to wake up early to achieve a different look. And if you are too lazy to even comb your hair, well! you have to put this much of effort at least to look tidy.

  1.  Half Up Knot hairstyle

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Quick and effortless hairstyle to do. In no time, you can look elegant to go office and anywhere.

How to do- Take the upper half section of your hair and make loose twists. Use the twisted pony to create a knot. Do not use a rubber band to Secure, Use bobby pins to hide the knot.

  1. Wrapped ponytail

Yes, it is just a ponytail that adds classic appearance to whatever you wear. This is a perfect way to give pro-like style to long hair.

How to do- Make a regular ponytail and tie it up with a nude hairband. Take out a little portion of your form the pony and wrap it around the rubber band so it doesn’t appear, use a bobby pin to secure that portion. You can also make a puff to add more dimension.

  1. Side Swept hair

If combing hair is a headache for you, then nothing could be better for you than this.

How to do- Make a side partition of your hair and take a little section of hair from just above your ears. Next, you have to do is to twist them and secure them up with bobby pins.

  1. Half French braid

Braids, the hairstyle that goes perfectly with ethnic wear. Seems difficult to do, well it is just opposite, just a little practice is needed if you are a beginner.

How to do- Take two small divisions hair beginning from the front of your head. Take the first division in the direction of the other (make a cross) and take out another (third) section of hair along with that. And the same with the second division, keep the process on until the braid reaches the neck. Use hairband and secure the braid.

  1. Side braid bun

It is easy to record give an elegant hairstyle that you can do in a few easy steps.

How to do- Make a side partition and twist front section keep hair out of your face. To get this hairstyle side part hair, segment-off the front pieces, make a low ponytail and tighten into an untidy braided bun then french twist the front and pin into the bun.

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