5 Important Holidays in Lebanon & They Are Celebrated.

5 Important Holidays in Lebanon & They Are Celebrated.
5 Important Holidays in Lebanon & They Are Celebrated.
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The Lebanese culture is rich in celebrations and holidays, which are picked from the progression of various civilizations that emerged from Lebanon over the last centuries. Our calendar is filled with holidays and observances, totaling approximately 37 occasions per year that are celebrated differently or similarly to other countries around the world. Some of the most common ones are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Ramadan, Independence Day, and Christmas. In this article, we will be addressing each of these events and how they are celebrated.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Lebanon:

Although it isn’t considered a holiday in some countries, Lebanon embraces the idea of sharing love in many forms and ways. Whether a Lebanese citizen is living with their partner in Lebanon or is an expat working abroad, they always find ways to send their love no matter where. A good example would be the utilization of the ecommerce platform Presentail that benefits their customers from online shopping at all times, with the option of same-day delivery services.

Mother’s Day Gifts Lebanon:

A large chunk of people celebrates Mother’s day on the 21st of March, while others –like the US for example- celebrate it in May. It is a day to show appreciation to mothers all around the world for their never-ending efforts and hardships in putting their kids first. In Lebanon, Mother’s Day consists mostly of cakes and flowers, accompanied by music and celebrations between families to make this day special and all about gratification. Presentail, on this day, operates Lebanon-wide, excelling in Flower Delivery Jounieh, Zalka, Beirut, and to other regions in the North and South.

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Ramadan’s unification:

Consequent to the subtitle, Ramadan is all about unifying people in a spiritual and holy manner. It goes by fasting until sunset, where families sit together and feast on one table, enjoying each other’s presence and company. This lasts for an entire month and is celebrated at the end with joy and happiness.

Independence Day:

This day differentiates from country to country. In Lebanon, Independence Day falls on the 22nd of November. Throughout the whole day, flags are hung on cars and balconies, you can hear the national anthem playing around neighborhoods and governmental institutions, and schools show appreciation to this day by getting their students to dress up in the Lebanese military outfit and wave their flags to show pride and love for their country’s accomplishments.

Christmas Gifts Lebanon:

As one of the most celebrated events of the year, Christmas in Lebanon is a very special holiday. People of all ages enjoy the month of December because it consists of many activities done individually or together with family and friends. Whether it’s decorating the Christmas tree, shopping for gifts, or celebrating a fun eve, it always ends up creating a lovely time and vibe for the whole household. The beautiful thing about Christmas is that it brings a sense of appreciation, value, giving, and hospitality to people all over the world. It is a time to share love with the ones who have little and make them feel warm in this cold season of the year.

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