5 Incredibly Useful Websites You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

5 Incredibly Useful Websites You Probably Didn't Know Existed
5 Incredibly Useful Websites You Probably Didn't Know Existed
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Since the pandemic hit in 2020, many businesses and workers have become accustomed to a work-from-home lifestyle. If you think about it, remote work benefits employees and companies immensely if it does not negatively impact productivity. 

Businesses can save thousands of dollars on overhead costs by switching to remote work. By comparison, companies with in-house employees have to pay for overhead costs like resources and utilities, which can significantly ramp up expenses. 

Switching to a work-from-home setup saves on or skips paying for the overhead costs altogether. These savings allow companies to invest in other priorities, such as quality web hosting and other growth initiatives.

Despite the benefits remote work provides both employers and employees, some employees still prefer in-office work. For some, working from home cuts them off from getting the necessary support immediately from their supervisors and coworkers. For others, remote work becomes very monotonous without the occasional office banter you can only get from an in-office setup.

Additionally, the savings from the overhead costs only benefit the employer, not the remote worker. This is because paying for things like utilities and resources, which are usually the employer’s responsibility, now falls on the employee.

This article proposes online solutions to help remote workers keep their work lively and well-maintained. Here are the top 5 handy websites you probably did not know existed.

1. Witeboard

Witeboard is precisely what its name suggests. Essentially, it is an online whiteboard you can use to draw anything for whatever purpose you have in mind. You can doodle on it if you are bored or do something more productive by using it to explain or present something.

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The website has a fairly straightforward user interface. Say, for example, you are on a Zoom call and want to explain something using visual aids. With the Witeboard website, you can start drawing using the pencil tool as if you would draw something on the Paint application.

If you want to make more precise shapes and perfect lines, you can use the line tool, or in some cases, the website will fix some shapes for you. The website application also comes with other tools like a text tool, an eraser tool, and an undo button. It even comes with different color options so you can customize the color of what you are drawing or typing.

2. Talk to Books

Talk to Books is one of Google’s experimental AI tools with unique parameters in its search engine. When you type in a query, statement, or sentence, the results will show you different perspectives from various books you might want to read.

On the Talk to Books website, you can type anything in the search bar or click on one of the samples. For example, you selected the “How did you meet your significant other?” sample. The Talk to Books search engine will look through every sentence from over a hundred thousand books to find answers to this question. The results will show a wide range of books that best answer that question.

3. Neverland

Neverland is an excellent website to fill your garden or home office with a new plant. Neverland has some of the best selections and even provides guides on how to care for these plants.

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Whether you are looking for a specific indoor plant or need advice for your existing garden, Neverland has you covered. Neverland covers nearly everything you need to know about outdoor, indoor, and desktop plants to spruce up your home office setup. Apart from providing you with the plants you want, they also have instructions on how to take care of them. 

4. Pest Guide

One issue most newbie remote workers take for granted is the amount of maintenance their employers handle for them in in-office setups. This does not cover only technical things like setting up proxy servers, but also regular office cleaning.

Pest control is a massive part of an employer’s responsibility to maintain a clean office. Pest control is not something you think about in a traditional office with decent standards. However, it is very different when you have to handle that yourself as a remote worker. 

Pest Guide is a website that covers everything about pests and provides product reviews, and you can even get a free estimate for pest control. The website provides guides for almost any pest-related situation, from getting rid of bed bugs to controlling fruit fly infestations.

5. Duolingo

Whether it is for work, socializing, or the ability to watch your favorite Asian dramas without subtitles, it does not hurt to learn another language. Duolingo is a language school website that provides many courses and personalized education.

The website’s courses include popular languages like French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, and many more. The best part is the developers of Duolingo strive for a platform that is universally accessible, so the courses are free.

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Enhance Your Home Office

Working from home may seem like the dream for most people, but it also has downsides. These include keeping your home office presentable, clean, and optimized with the same standards as you would with an in-office setup. It also entails that you function more independently with minimal training and supervision.

Luckily, the websites on this list will keep your mind sharp and your home office optimized and clean.

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