5 Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Link Building

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Your website will not rank until it is linked to other blogs and websites. All companies and brands should be interested in creating links to enhance referral traffic and the authority of their websites. Google considers the quantity and quality of backlinks when determining the authenticity of your website. Quality link building increases the trustworthiness of your website.

What is Link Building ?

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Link building is one of top visible aspects of search engine optimization (SEO). It involves having other websites link back to yours. For example, If you run an e-commerce site that sells kitchen utensils, you may publish a blog post about how to prevent kitchen accidents. Other websites that cover kitchen accident issues may then link to your blog post so that their audience can learn more about the subject. From reading about the subject, customers can consider ordering your products.

An effective link building plan requires time, skill, knowledge, and patience. However, despite how difficult it may appear, link building is one of the most effective techniques to increase traffic most organically. There are three methods you can adopt to drive traffic to your website;

However, you should be careful about choosing the right method.

Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Link Building

Here are some of the most common link building blunders that can lead to Google penalties; 

  1. Using Black Hat Link Building 

Black hat link building techniques are methods of driving traffic to a website by exploiting website flaws, allowing a site to rank better than it should through “organic” search. While these techniques can provide some short-term traffic to a site, the links aren’t organic like white hat method. As a result, search engines like Google won’t consider these links and pages valuable.

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Always make use of the white hat link building. Unlike the black hat, it is the process of driving traffic to your website organically. Though some people may be attempting black hat link building because the white hat approach may be too demanding for them. You may need to employ website designers and content writers to focus on quality material before strategically placing links to boost the SEO value of the page. 

However, there are also link building agencies who offer white hat link building services. These specialists are known for remarkable results because they understand search engine trends and the unique approach for your website. If you outsource link building to a link building agency, they can help you direct long-term organic traffic to your page.

  1. Neglecting User Intent

One of the most common errors that website owners and online marketers make when trying to improve their backlink profile is believing that any old backlink is a perfect incoming link. This isn’t totally accurate, especially when it comes to the user’s intention.

The purpose for which a person searches the internet is referred to as user intent. And it’s also known as search intent or query intent. Search engines use a variety of factors to determine the sort of user intent a searcher has. This includes the words they typed into the search field, the websites they have previously viewed, and their previous search history.

Consider the following example. You’re creating a guest article for a third-party website to gain a backlink. This website is about health insurance, but the page on your website that the third party chooses to link to is about something else. The problem is that not only will Google’s algorithm identify the insignificance, but visitors to this third-party website are likely to click on the backlink that goes to your site. 

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If the stuff you’ve covered on your webpage is unconnected and does not fit user intent, the visitor will likely notice and exit. As this becomes continuous, your bounce rate for that page will increase, lowering its metrics and, most likely, being penalized in the search engine results page (SERPs).

  1. Ignoring On-Page SEO

Google would expect to find contextually relevant inbound links when you are constructing backlinks for a page. Content that covers seemingly irrelevant topics suggests to Google that your link building approach could be unethical or fraudulent. As a result, this could lead Google to conclude that your website is part of a link scheme which can lead to penalization from search engines. To avoid this, make sure the third-party pages that link to your material are topically related.

  1. Excessive Use of Same Anchor Text

The clickable text used for a hyperlink is known as anchor text. This type of link is used by website visitors to navigate between internal and external pages. You’re probably familiar with hyperlinks as the blue text that highlights itself when you move your mouse over it, but they may also be used on images.

SEOs frequently abuse exact anchor text in an attempt to boost the rating of their website. However, utilizing precise anchor text that matches a focus keyword is a smart practice. Employing too much same anchor text and not using keyword variations may backfire because:

  • Overuse of the same anchor text may be considered spam by Google. As a result, your page’s rankings may suffer.
  • You can miss out on keyword variations that cover a broader range of search keywords, as well as future traffic.
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It is advisable to spice things up by applying a little creativity or better yet, keyword research. Don’t use the same anchor text again and over. It’s possible that it’s affecting your site’s traffic.

  1. Low-Quality Content 

Your corporation can literally blossom into a multi-million dollar business overnight simply by creating viral content. The extent to the level of your potential and link profile is directly connected to your level of creativity and outreach skills.

You must purposefully generate great and trending contents that others cannot but share.

Producing informative copy that isn’t merely a rehash of current content, and creating an appealing and eye-catching infographic, are all ways you can achieve your goal.

Final Thoughts

It’s critical to examine your link building strategies and figure out what you’re doing wrong. By correcting these mistakes listed above, you can boost your SEO and get improved results in search engine rankings in the long run. 

The goal of link building is to drive traffic to your page. It is not required that you do it yourself.There are numerous link building companies.These companies have a thorough understanding of link building and are aware of all the pitfalls to avoid.You can hire any of these link building agencies to assist you in increasing organic traffic. 

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