5 Proven Tactics To Get More Google Reviews

Google Reviews

Reviews on Google are not just a mere reflection of a company’s performance. They set purchase incentives for users, provide social proof, increase the conversion rate and improve the brand image. And: Reviews are among the most important ranking factors in 2022. That is why some people buy Google reviews to enhance their positive reviews.

The search engine places companies with many good reviews high up, while bad reviews mean a drop in the ranking. It should be part of every successful SEO strategy to generate more Google Reviews for your company. We show which tactics have proven themselves and what companies should pay attention to. In addition, they are effortless to implement in practice. So why ignore this possibility?

1. Ask For A Google Review!

When it comes to ratings, the direct route is often the quickest: ask your customers for a rating on Google. To do this, companies should provide their customer service with clear instructions on how to obtain them.

To do this, you should specify a process for them and provide possible openers for a dialogue. This helps them strike the right note. Companies can customers

  • in business in person,
  • by email via a personalized campaign,
  • via “Rate us cards” in the customer package,
  • via QR codes,
  • via pop-ups on the website or
  • via CTA on the website

Ask for a rating. In addition to the “how,” companies should also master the “when.” For example, an excellent time to ask for a review is after a customer has referred a new customer, is spending a lot of time on the website, tagging your business on social media, has ordered something for the second time, or—the apparent time—when a user is a purchased a product or received a service.

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Customers should also be given clear instructions for leaving a review. Short bullet points help ensure they are not put off by the review process. You should know that it will only take a few clicks and minutes

2. Link To Your Google Reviews!

A visible link to your company’s Google Review page serves two purposes::

1. It confirms the company’s authenticity and your website since users can read reviews from other customers with one click.

2. It gives customers a direct way to give their opinion on your brand.

A graphic button that links to the reviews and a corresponding, unambiguous CTA such as “Read our Google reviews” or “Give us feedback so that we can continue to improve our service” is particularly suitable for this.

3. Respond To Reviews!

Whether negative or positive reviews – online reviews give your company social proof. It is, therefore, crucial that you respond to both types of thoughts. This shows that your company always has an open ear. And: A study by Harvard Business Review found that responding to reviews generates more and better reviews. Because: Customers get the impression that it is worth their time to leave their opinion because it reaches the company.

4. Show The Value Of Reviews!

Customers sometimes need to learn how valuable reviews can be for a company. It would help if you, therefore, conveyed this value to customers. You can do this, for example, by explaining how you use the reviews or what specific added value they have for your company. You have to find the right words that convey to users that they are making a difference with their ratings. This motivates them to leave a Google review.

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5. Optimize Your Customer Service!

Only good customer service enables good ratings on Google. So ask yourself where you can start improving the shopping experience, product, or service. A McKinsey study found that 70 percent of shopping experiences depend on how customers feel treated. Outstanding customer service sets a company apart from the competition and encourages users to talk about your brand, make recommendations and write good reviews.

4 Good Reasons Why Online Reviews Are Important For Your Local Business

In the following, you will find out why online reviews are becoming increasingly important when selecting local artisans, service providers, and doctors. 

Various forms of rating platforms have also developed with the progressive development of the Internet. They not only give interested parties orientation and security when making online purchases.

Why Are Online Reviews So Critical?

Below I present 4 reasons why reviews are also relevant for local businesses:

1. Reviews Are Modern Word Of Mouth

When looking for local shops, products, and offers, 85 percent of customers trust online reviews and recommendations from friends or colleagues.

2. The Quality Of The Review Is Crucial When Making A Purchase Decision.

Almost half of all consumers require at least a 4-star rating before deciding on a provider.

3. Sites Are Being Accessed Less And Less By Local Search Results.

Google MyBusiness only gets a few clicks on company websites. In Google MyBusiness, you can add a lot of information about your business. Therefore, customers can already find much of the information they want in the local search. A visit to the website is, therefore, often no longer necessary. So you must rely on something other than your website to attract customers. You already need to design your listing well on Google. Reviews are one of the best ways to do this.

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If your listing doesn’t have this relevant information, searchers won’t click further on your site anyway. You will next look at the offers of the competition. So make sure you add all the vital information to your listing and get reviews.

4. Reviews Help In The Rankings

When it comes to the factors that determine ranking in search results, the relevance of online reviews is increasing year after year. Studies have a substantial impact on orders. Listings with more ratings get more clicks, and users spend more time engaging with those listings.


Online reviews are becoming increasingly important. Reviews are often the only factor that differentiates you from your competition. They ensure that your local entry on Google, Bing & Co. stands out from the competition. Because it goes without saying that when looking for an electrician, customers are more likely to choose someone with an average rating of 4.3 stars than someone who “only” has 3.8 stars.

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