5 Reasons to Go for Ready-to-wear Outfits

5 Reasons to Go for Ready-to-wear Outfits
5 Reasons to Go for Ready-to-wear Outfits
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Whether I am getting ready for work in the morning or a day out with my friends on weekends, ready-to-wear outfits are my number one choice. I especially love pairing kurtis with different dupattas and trousers to mix and match into a new look.

But is investing in ready-to-wear outfits worth it?

Many people feel that ready-to-wear outfits are on the pricier end – although it’s not true for all brands. I’d just say that even if I get ready to wear outfits from the sale, there are a hundred other reasons why I select them instead of getting unstitched dresses.

Here are some of the reasons I’ll discuss with you:


When I have an impromptu plan that needs a new dress, ready-to-wear offers the convenience of simply getting it from the shelf and adorning it. If I get unstitched dresses for some reason, I have to make a trip to the market for laces and embellishments before I give them to the tailor. After that, it is a long wait before I can pick them up.

Even then, I don’t know if the cut I asked my tailor to stitch suits me or not. With ready-to-wear outfits, I can try them on before I even purchase them, saving me tons of money that I would have wasted experimenting!

Variety of Styles

There are lots of brands that I shop from, but I find Alkaram Studio’s variety to be one of the widest-ranging. They have multiple colors, styles, and sizes that suit different skin tones and body types. As a dusky person, I always try out new colors before I buy them. This way, I know that the color suits me without having to invest money in getting a tailor-made dress, only to be disappointed.

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I got a chance to meet up with the First Female Head of Ecommerce, Nida Siddiqui, at a work meeting. And my, I was impressed by her dressing sense! Turns out she’s an Alkaram studio fan quite like me! And what makes her go to Alkaram Studio every time is the style variety that it offers. 

I also go for ready-to-wear when I have to pick a dress for a meeting, a night out, or even a dholki event! 


I find ready-to-wear outfits to be more affordable than tailor-stitched dresses. The reason is that if you get the same fabric, same embellishments, and same stitching, it will cost you much more in this day and age than if you purchase off the rack.

So, whether I am on a budget or want a wardrobe update, ready-to-wear outfits are my choice!


The best part about ready-to-wear outfits is that they are accessible from anywhere. I recently went on a work trip with my colleagues to Islamabad, and it was so heartwarming to find familiar brand stores in the Centaurus Mall.

But the accessibility isn’t just limited to the availability of stores everywhere. Online purchasing of ready-to-wear outfits also makes it a very attractive option. Sure, you can even order unstitched dresses, but even with the pictures, you wouldn’t get the look that the model is wearing just by sitting at home. You will have to make an effort to find similar embellishments, explain it all to your tailor, and wait for the dress to come out as expected.

Trend Responsiveness

One of the most important reasons why I choose ready-to-wear outfits is the trend responsiveness of new arrivals. Designers and brands continuously release new collections, reflecting the latest trends and incorporating innovative designs.

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By opting for ready-to-wear outfits, I manage to stay up to date with current fashion trends. The best part, I can enjoy the excitement of wearing fashionable clothing without delay!

Final Words

I am a big fan of ready-to-wear outfits and for good reason. I know that when I’m choosing something off the shelf, I am wearing the season’s trends. Plus, I have a wide variety of options to choose from!

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