5 Things You Need to Know About Over the Top Media Services
5 Things You Need to Know About Over the Top Media Services

5 Things You Need to Know About Over the Top Media Services

Over-the-top (OTT) media services are the most popular streaming media today. It provides viewers access to shows or movies they like by sending media directly to the internet. The most popular OTT providers are Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and Hulu. But there is stiff competition from thepirateproxybay that offers free content access. Most of these OTT providers have their website, app, or page of some kind for the user to log in with a subscription to access available content. These services have attractive pros, and below are some things you to know about them. 

They are hugely popular 

OTT services are rapidly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume media. Netflix is the most popular of all the OTT service providers, and it is changing the way the world views video and TV. Therefore, for viewers, viewing platforms are changing constantly and evolving to provide the best user experience. It is a pretty good deal to have more shows, more availability, and having full access to content when you need it. Plus, the subscriptions are affordable. Most people in the world subscribe to these services for the convenience they have to offer. 

No more commercials 

As you use the OTT media stream, you can watch all your favorite shows without any commercials. This convenience is why these service subscriptions are popular. They save viewers from show interruptions, and they can enjoy the actual show until the end an interrupted. However, even with these great pros, these media streaming services, such as Netflix, do not offer cable TV shows that are most recent. Others like Hulu can offer one season of the current cable TV shows and most recent episodes. But, these have commercials unless your subscription is premium. 

You can access OTT media services in multiple ways 

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To add OTT to your home, you can choose from several options. One, you can get a smart TV which is affordable now. And most of them have these OTT services pre-installed. Also, you can get an add-on device for your current TV. If your TV is not a smart TV, add on devices like Chrome cast stick or Roku, and others, and they come in handy to help you access these services on your TV. Finally, a laptop, tablet, computer are other ways to access the OTT services. For this one, pull up the provider’s website, and you can watch your favorite shows directly on the device, as long as it is any electronic computer device. 

OTT requires an internet connection 

Before joining others in these subscriptions, you need to know these services require an internet connection. For a successful viewing experience of the over-the-top services with no disruption of constant buffering, it is best to have a 25mbps stream connection speed. If you are not sure of your current connection speed or what it means, enquire from your internet provider. For example, a 25mbps bandwidth connection supports one OTT media stream and at least two smartphones with a good connection. In most places, the 25mbps is the lowest on offer as most households’ stream with at least more than two devices, as they play games, peruse the internet, and scroll through social media. To do all these things simultaneously and for everyone to be happy requires a faster connection. 

You can subscribe to more than one service provider 

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An over-the-top service does not have to be an either-or. Do not limit your subscription to just one service provider if you can afford more. Most households subscribe to Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime for various reasons. Since the OTT subscriptions are affordable, users can spend on their preferred OTT service and get access to a huge library of recently aired cable shows and commercial-free shows. You can add another one if you feel you need more content and variety, and they come with other benefits as well. Plus, many households subscribe to multiple providers and maintain their monthly cable plans to keep up with live TV. So, it depends on your family setup, and your media needs to know what to have.



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