5 Things You Should Know about Marwari Rakhis & Their Popularity

5 Things You Should Know about Marwari Rakhis & Their Popularity
5 Things You Should Know about Marwari Rakhis & Their Popularity

Raksha Bandhan is a Hindu carnival that comes once a year. It is celebrated to promote the glorious relationship of brother and sister. The eternal relation between brother and sister cannot be explained in words. According to the Hindu calendar, Raksha Bandhan falls in the month of Shravan. 

Marwari Community Tradition 

Marwari is a group of Indian people that belongs to Rajasthan. The tradition of Raksha Bandhan is prevalent among them. Rakhi is a band made of cotton which is knotted on the wrist of a brother by his sister or someone she considers as her brother. They believe that this tradition increases the love and respect between siblings. Now the tradition of fancy Rakhis are also practiced by the Marwari people. Lumba Rakhi for bhabhi is made with an affection which sister in law knots so that sister can get best wishes and love from both of them 

Tie of Protection 

During this holy festivity, the sister gives the best wishes while trying a thread around the wrist of her brother. It made it compulsory for the brother to treat her like a sister and protect her in every hour of need. It’s a tie of protection because it reminds brothers to care about their sisters even if they are married, as this is an everlasting bond. 

Gestures of Love and Bonding 

It is usually practiced after the marriage of a brother so that the sibling bond stays strong. It is tied to serve as a reminder that the sister is praying for the brother’s good fortune in the future and long life. Brothers and sisters are best friends by birth and are the best advisers to each other. The brotherhood is the essence of this festival. It shows the importance of brothers in a sister’s life. 

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Made using Multiple Materials

A silk or cotton thread is used to make rakhi. Different types and colors of pearls and mirrors are used to decorate the line. Moreover, different needles, hangings, ribbons, and stones are used to design special rakhis. Zircon and Tilla material is also used to make rakhis more colorful. 

Unique and Eye-Catching Design 

Handmade rakhis are the most unique and attractive ones. They are created with love and neatness of hands. They are made in many diverse and unique styles. The more beautiful the rakhi, the happier you will be. Sisters are always in search of unique and extraordinarily beautiful rakhis. You can order the best Marwari Rakhi Online and get them delivered  to your brothers doorsteps in a well designer gift wrap.

In a nutshell 

It is a hassle to go to the market and get rakhis. Are you looking for a beautiful rakhi for your brother? Now you can get the best Marwari rakhi online on your doorsteps. Choose the attractive Marwari rakhi online to make your brother happy. You can select the rakhi of your choice by just sitting in the comfort of your house and celebrating your day with the joy and warmth of your loved ones. 


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