5 Tips for Enjoying Longer Rides with Your Electric Motorcycle

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Sometimes, enjoyable rides on your electric motorcycle mean going the long distance. But what happens if your e-motorbike range is shorter than you like?

While the range of your e-motorcycle has a lot to do with the exact specifications of your bike, several tricks can help you get as many miles as possible from your motorbike.

Not to worry, we’ll share them with you.

But, before we walk you through our guide to enjoying longer rides on your electric motorcycle, let us examine the various factors that determine how far your e-motorbike can travel on a single charge. 

Read on to discover them.

Some Factors That Can Affect Your E-Motorbike Range

First off, the range of an electric motorcycle is the distance it can go on a single, complete charge. 

That said, what variables determine this range?

1. Battery charge levels

One of the more obvious factors that can affect the range of your electric motorcycle is the battery charge level. 

This is because your electric motorcycle can only keep you going for as long as the better level lasts. 

In other words, it does not matter if your battery can last for two hours at a speed of 65 mph. If you only charge your battery to 70% before you ride out, you’ll most likely have to make a “pit-stop” to recharge your bike before the stipulated two hours elapses.

2. Battery capacity

The battery capacity is another factor that determines an electric motorcycle’s range. The larger your battery capacity, the more charge it can store, and the longer it can power your electric motorbike.

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As a rule of thumb, a larger battery capacity will generally result in a greater range provided that every other thing remains equal.

3. The pressure of the tire

Tire pressure is easy to overlook. But, it is also an essential factor affecting your e-motorbike range. 

Tires with higher pressure will mean greater range as your electric motorcycle has to do less work to cover more ground. In other words, your motorbike is using up less battery per mile.

Conversely, tires with less pressure will create more friction with the ground as the contact surface area is larger. This means your bike will do more work as it moves and burn through your battery charge much faster.

4. Weight and load of the rider

An e-motorbikes carrying a lighter load (rider weight plus luggage) will typically travel after range than the same bike carrying a heavier load through the same conditions.

5. Terrain

The slope on your route will significantly impact the overall distance you travel. This is because your electric motorcycle will require more power to climb up a hill than when it is moving on relatively level ground. 

Therefore, if you can plan your route to go through lees hilly or upward sloping roads, you’ll generally enjoy a more fantastic range from your bike.

5 Tips to Help You Enjoy Longer Rides on Your Electric Motorcycle

Here are some surefire tips to help you get the maximum range you can from your e-motorcycle:

1. Charge your batteries

One of the ways to enjoy longer rides on your electric motorcycle is by ensuring your battery is fully charged riding out.

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Pro tip? We recommend charging your battery before it’s fully discharged. Ideally, your e-motorcycle should not go flat before you recharge it. 

In addition, you also want to charge the batteries at the right temperature. 

2. Store your battery properly

Proper storage of your electric motorcycle battery will ensure it stays in tip-top condition for as long as possible, which means its capacity will remain intact.

Because this is one of the most critical factors that affect the range, you want to avoid terrible storage conditions that will ruin the battery.  

Most electric motorcycles come with lithium batteries that prefer lower temperatures. 

That being said, the right approach is to store your e-motorbike in a cool, dry location, preferably with lots of air. So, be careful not to leave it in hot, stuffy storage spaces or direct sunlight. 

Fun fact? Batteries discharge faster in warmer climates. The ideal range for keeping batteries is between 32 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. 

3. Check your tire pressure

The range of your e-bike battery also depends on having the proper tire pressure. 

Riding on solid, hard surfaces, such as paved roads, with insufficient air pressure in the tires will lead to friction, which means more work and faster battery charge loss.

On the other hand, lower air pressure is a better option when traveling on mountainous terrain so that driving energy can be transmitted to the ground. 

In addition, you can read your manufacturer’s guide or consult an expert to discover the ideal tire pressure you need for a more extended riding range.

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4. Reduce the load on the vehicle

As earlier mentioned, the greater the load, the less distance you can cover. This is because your e-motorcycle will have to generate more power to move with increasing load. In other words, your motorbike will burn through your battery faster if it has to carry heavy weight.

 This means that you should reduce how much weight you place on your electric motorcycle if you want it to travel farther than it typically does.

So, when packing for long rides, pack only the essentials. 

5. Have a backup battery

While the above tips can help you extend your riding range on a single charge, having a second battery as backup may be the best line of action if you travel long distances. 

This way, when the first battery gets low, all you’d have to do is switch out the batteries and continue on your way without the downtime of waiting to recharge your battery.

Bringing It Home

We understand how frustrating it can be to ride an electric motorcycle that runs out of battery before you get into the full swing of your long-distance rides. Hopefully, this article has helped you gain some insight into how you can extend the range of your e-motorbike.

Remember, your e-motorbike battery has much to do with how far you can ride and how long the ride will last. So, do your best to practice proper care of your battery.

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