5 Ways to Do a Simple Makeup Look for School

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We all have our specific vision of what it means to look good and trendy, yet it always takes time and effort, especially if you have to get up early and still do your best to wake up. The secret trick here is to keep things simple when you need a great makeup look for school. After all, we are not talking about going on a date or dressing up for a special occasion. 

As you have to study and interact through group projects, your skin has to feel well and endure all the challenges. When you keep things accurate and simple, you are not overdoing it but keep yourself in fashion as you adjust your style, make eye contact, smile more, and act normal! 

1. Get your face washed and moisturized! 

As you wake up for school, it’s not enough to wash your face with ice-cold water to feel well. You have to use a gentle cleanser to keep your skin calm and avoid allergic reactions as you apply makeup. It will take time to get ready, yet it’s always worth it. Go for the SPF 30 as it will be the best combination. Spend at least five minutes before you continue. You can plan your school day and find experts who help write my essay online while you take care of your skin and follow your beauty routine.

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2. The use of concealer. 

Most of us will feel tired as we wake up for school or have those dark circles under our eyes. This is where a concealer will help. Apply it to your fingers first and then add gently with the circle-based movements. It’s also necessary to blend the concealer well and make sure to keep things accurate. You can choose waterproof concealers or go for the HIDE Liquid Multi-Use or Neutrogena Brightening cream solutions. 

3. Eyeshadow and eyeliner must be kept simple. 

Eyeshadow must be used only when you want to add more accents to your eye color or to mask your specific skin color. The bronze and cream colors usually fit well for school. It should look natural and may also relate to your hair color and the way you wear it. As for the eyeliner, think about what can add to your style. 

4. Curling your eyelashes correctly. 

You have to make your eyes stand out from the crowd, as you make them look bigger and even more attentive. It’s an old-school trick worth remembering as you choose the best accessories to complete your unique look. Your eyes will always remain a centerpiece, so make sure to curl your eyelashes with great care and see if it’s necessary! 

5. Mascara and lipstick tricks. 

If you would like to make your lashes look bolder, it’s necessary to apply more than one coat. Make sure that you are not overdoing it because keeping things dramatic (television style) is not necessary for school. The use of mascara should be based on your skin color and the clothes that you wear. You can go for clear mascara if you need to make your lashes look longer. Dark brown is also one of those universal solutions. The reason for that is that you can use gloss instead of lipstick by choosing a dark plum color. Another trick is to keep things neutral by using clear lipstick. 

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You Have to Act Attractive!  

Your makeup for school is an integral part of looking great and feeling confident as you interact with the teachers and fellow students. Still, it’s also vital to look cute and stylish. This is where you must embrace your style and be yourself as you act approachable and show confidence. The style that you choose should reflect your personality. At the same time, you have to shower each morning and keep your hair clean and healthy, as it also helps to highlight the elements of your makeup.

It also relates to your skin, as you may have to use a special moisturizer that will help you to get by through the hours of studies and the harsh weather conditions. Go for a creamy substance moisturizing as it’s safer to apply and won’t wash off easily. Most importantly, choose an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and shows the best you can as you smile and stay there for others! 


Olivia Evans loves to explore the challenges and peculiarities of school life and the best ways to achieve success. As an educator and entertainment specialist, Olivia loves to travel and discover new cultures. Follow Olivia to learn and enjoy beauty everywhere.

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