5 ways to use LinkedIn to Market Your Business

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LinkedIn is not solely for job search. With buymalaysianfollowers 756 million users, the platform is full of possibilities for marketing your brand.

On this post on the blog, we’ll discuss five ways to use LinkedIn to promote your business and connect with the right audience.

Are you ready to begin? Let’s begin!

How to use LinkedIn to Market Your Brand

While LinkedIn is an exceptional platform to build connections and network It also holds a wealth of opportunities for marketing your brand.

With LinkedIn you can establish credibility, increase your business’s visibility and drive more traffic to your site.

With new interactive features it’s never an ideal time to incorporate it into your social media plan.

Below are 5 ways to make use of LinkedIn to market your business:

  • Tell Customer Success Stories and Testimonials
  • Place your CEO or Founder as a thought-leader
  • Make use of data to tell your Story
  • You can share Your Brand Voice
  • Collaboration with Experts and Influencers

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LinkedIn Marketing Tips #1: Post Success Stories of Customers Testimonials and Stories

Brand-driven storytelling is an excellent way to create awareness because it focuses on actual customers.

Making material that features testimonials — be it via a quote or via video could help to increase your credibility and help build confidence.

You could also share the story of a person of your group by using the LinkedIn captions. It is possible to think of them as mini-blogs such as the Female Influencer

 Allowing customers or people in your community do the talking is a great method of connecting with your larger audience, while also establishing trust for your brand.

TIP: Tag your customer in your LinkedIn post to increase their network and broaden your network.

The LinkedIn marketing tip #2 is to Place your CEO or Founder as an influential thought leader

Making you CEO/founder as an authority in your own field is a great way to build credibility (and creating a human face for your brand).

Blog posts can be featured, as well as articles they’ve written or interview they’ve been part of to build a stronger connection with your followers.

 If you’re the creator of a company you are able to share your expertise and knowledge by sharing company news or relevant articles for your industry on you personal LinkedIn profile as well.

https://www.linkedin.com/embed/feed/update/urn:li:share:6772198181792030720 Sharing content like this is an excellent way to build your profile on LinkedIn and make yourself a trusted authority to your network.

LinkedIn Marketing Tips #3 Make Use of the data to tell your story

Data storytelling is a powerful method to offer information and insight to your customers and is often very shareable.

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You could also enhance your data storytelling one step further by working with a different business. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with an existing target market without being overly promotional.

In the following years, for example it collaborated with the influencer agency Fohr to develop an informational marketing piece on the selling Power of Influencers:

 The report has been downloaded and shared many times, increasing brand awareness and reaching a lot of potential customers in the process.

Data storytelling is an effective tool to market your business on LinkedIn as it lets you position yourself as an expert to your network’s peers and viewers.

Tips When you do not have enough data on your brand to make an article, think about writing an eBook (or guide) instead. Utilize industry statistics or data to support your points of discussion– Google is your best friend!

LinkedIn Tips for Marketing #4: Share Your Brand’s Voice

It’s true that LinkedIn is a professional platform However, this doesn’t mean that only professionals need to view corporate content.

The personality of your brand’s image can enhance your content and can be the most authentic way to draw new clients or customers.

A survey discovered that 70% of customers feel a strong emotional connection to the brand they are buying fromA little personality can make a difference!

Check out this blog post from JetBlue an airline company:

The creation of a persona for your brand can help your content be more easily recognized and distinguish you from your competition.

TIP: Although each social media platform may be different It’s essential to maintain the same style of speaking. It’s not a good idea to sound totally different on LinkedIn as you would for Facebook and Instagram.

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5th LinkedIn marketing tip: Partner with Influencers and Experts

If you’ve not yet explored the influencer marketing market, LinkedIn is the perfect platform to try it.

There are plenty of LinkedIn experts and voices on the platform . contact them to ask them to publish a guest blog or join the live stream on LinkedIn Live.

Live videos receive an average of 24 times more comments than in-feed videos, and are therefore worthy of being imaginative with.

You can also partner with experts or influencers Click Here to share stories and live streams on their social media accounts, promoting your business to larger market.

When combined, these strategies create an amazing LinkedIn marketing strategy to aid in growing your business, share your tale, and establish an engaging community of individuals who share your goals.

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