6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Contact Center Solutions

call center solutions india
call center solutions india
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When launching a contact center, you will face a vast array of software options and call center outsourcing solutions, including cloud contact center solutions, hosted solutions, and premises-based solutions to accommodate various organizational sizes.

Before deciding on call center software in India, you should evaluate several aspects that influence which option is ideal for your company. 

There are quantifiable factors to consider, such as the number of calls you anticipate handling, the size of your team, and your budget. There are several other factors to consider and questions to ask before selecting call center software providers.

We have compiled a top 6 questions you need to ask to call center software providers when choosing call center software in India. 

1. How well will the contact center solutions integrate with the tools you now have?

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Suppose your company has been in operation for a long and already has a customer relationship management system or a sales system. In that case, it is critical to select a system that you can integrate with it. 

It would be a loss of money to invest in a system that will not boost productivity or the customer experience.

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2. Are the contact center solutions scalable as your company expands?

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Can a relatively small or simple contact center system be scaled to meet more complicated needs? Numerous contact center solutions are both adaptable and effective, which can grow with your company. Don’t bind yourself to call center software that can’t keep up with your expansion.

3. Does the contact center solutions have effective reporting tools?

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Real-time reports 

As your company expands, you will come to rely on reporting and analytics tools to forecast staffing needs and monitor business success. Choose a contact center system that provides comprehensive and user-friendly reporting capabilities to enable simple access to essential data and information.

4. Does the software allow multiple channel support?

Multi-channel support 

Is this a completely telephony-based system, or does it also support social media, SMS, email, and web chat/help ticket-based queries? 

Customers nowadays expect businesses to be reachable through various channels, and while you might manage each channel separately, this is not optimal for either the customer or your business. You need to invest in multi-channel support early on to stay ahead of the competition.

5. Is the software valuable to your customer service representatives?

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Software for customer reps

If your agents believe the software is inconvenient or difficult to use, productivity will suffer. Before embarking on a large-scale rollout, consult with your agents to see how they feel about it. However, keep in mind that people are afraid of change, and any new deployment will face some resistance.

Ask your agents to clarify their challenges to assist you in assessing whether what you’re hearing is merely a fear of change or actual concerns. Are they having trouble with new features? Do they find the user interface to be difficult?

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These are issues that could be addressed through training or by modifying the software’s setup.

On the other hand, if they claim that the contact center solutions lack the functions they require to conduct their jobs, this may be a genuine concern. If most of your agents complain about the same difficulties, pay attention to them because they will be spending most of their time with the call center software in India.

6. Can agents work virtually?

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Working remotely 

Another useful tool for many businesses is remote worker support. Is it simple to add more agents to the system and route their calls to a different number? Remote working is wonderful for client morale. It can help you deal with variable call levels by bringing on extra agents when there is a short-term demand, rather than having extra underutilized personnel in the office.


Today’s telecommunications landscape is exceedingly complex, but with the right call center solutions provider, it can be seamless and efficient. Ultimately, it’s not just about the contact center solutions; it’s also about your potential partner’s capacity, expertise, and experience.

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