6 Scenarios You Might Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney

6 Scenarios You Might Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney
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After the preventable death of a loved one, you might face financial hardship as well as emotional pain. A wrongful death lawyer local to Houston, TX can help you gain compensation, so you can rebuild your life and create stability for yourself and your family. But what kinds of situations allow for a claim, and when should you hire a wrongful death attorney? Let’s have a closer look at some of the most common grounds for a lawsuit.

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6 Scenarios You Might Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney in Houston, TX

1. Speak to a Lawyer about a Car Accident Caused by Another Person 

Car accidents happen every day, and thousands of Americans lose their lives in this way. Unfortunately, such incidents are often caused by an irresponsible driver who was intoxicated, not paying attention to the road, or ignoring the local traffic laws. 

If your friend or family member was killed because someone else failed to respect the rules of the road, the perpetrator needs to be held responsible. Since almost all drivers are insured, there is a high likelihood that you will receive compensation for car accident cases.

2. Get Compensated for a Car Accident Caused by a Third Party 

Sometimes, car accidents aren’t caused directly by the drivers. For instance, your loved one might have been served too much alcohol by a bartender who knew that they needed to drive home. Similarly, a mechanic or car manufacturer could have made a mistake or failed to double-check the vehicle, which led to the accident later on. Your attorney will examine all the details and figure out who is to blame for what happened, then file the lawsuit against them. 

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3. Hire a Wrongful Death Lawyer for Medical Malpractice 

It is estimated that 10% of US deaths are now caused by medical error. The issues can be very diverse, but the most common ones include a failure to diagnose a condition, misdiagnosis, a surgery gone wrong, and prescription of the wrong medication for the condition. Any of these could result in serious consequences and, in the worst-case scenario, even death. 

For instance, doctors often miss the signs of a heart attack in young, healthy adults, since the condition isn’t very common for this group. However, not treating severe heart disease can lead to bigger problems and can shorten the patient’s life. A medical professional who fails to provide a high standard of care should always be held responsible since this could prevent the same problem from occurring again and affecting more lives.

4. File a Lawsuit About an Accident at Work 

It goes without saying that your office or workspace should be a safe place, where you can earn a living without fearing for your life. But this isn’t always the case. In 2020, over 4,700 people lost their lives due to an accident at work, and many more have sustained lifelong injuries that prevent them from performing their work duties and daily activities. Wrongful death attorneys in Houston can help you fight against an unsafe workplace. 

5. Contact Your Attorney about an Accident in a Public Place 

Any business that invites the public on its premises, such as a shop or a restaurant, must make sure that it is safe for everyone. Steps and slippery spots must be marked clearly, and the venue has to be kept clean and in good order at all times. If business owners fail to adhere to these rules and someone gets hurt or passes away as a result, they will have to bear the consequences and pay damages. 

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6. Hold an Institution Responsible for Nursing Home Neglect 

In the US, up to 95% of nursing homes are currently understaffed, which makes it extremely challenging for the caregivers to properly look after all residents. Accidents such as slips and falls are common, since the patients might need to get up but can’t get a hold of staff to help them. What’s more, common conditions could be missed or ignored because the elderly residents aren’t getting the attention they deserve. 

As a result, issues that were initially mild could become more serious and eventually cause premature death. Similarly, the mental anguish the patients might feel due to a lack of care could cause them to pass away more quickly. This treatment is unacceptable, and you should always speak to an attorney if your loved one has been neglected or even abused at a nursing home.

If you’ve witnessed the death of a loved one due to someone else’s negligence, you can file a lawsuit and hold the person or organization responsible. While this won’t bring your friend or relative back, it can prevent the issue from recurring and it can help you deal with the financial blow of the incident. A highly competent wrongful death lawyer local to Houston, TX will help you fight for your rights and receive the compensation you need.