6 ways AI technology will alter the gambling industry
6 ways AI technology will alter the gambling industry

6 ways AI technology will alter the gambling industry

There is no doubt that technology has immensely affected the gambling industry. We have gone from needing to be present in casinos to play to having casino games on our fingertips thanks to our phones and other mobile devices. Not only can you bet in your pyjamas, but there are also now thousands of beautifully made games with exquisite user interfaces and thousands of casinos to pick from, all with different offers and bonuses.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines and computers to think and learn. These abilities are typical for humans and animals, but computers, through various processes, are taught to mimic cognitive activities like language processing, pattern recognition, and picture understanding. There are many ways that AI can be used in very many ways, and it is gaining rapid adoption in many industries.

Here are six ways AI is and will alter the gambling industry

1.   Change the customer service experience

If you have seen websites with a chatbot you can talk to and ask questions, you have witnessed AI in action. Many organizations can tell you that there are several questions that many users ask them. As the gambling industry continues to grow, casinos and betting sites will keep receiving more players.

While these companies can hire more customer service personnel to keep up with the high demand, AI can and will continue to help them. By programming AI to respond to specific questions, then the calls the company’s customer care personnel need to handle decreases, and therefore they can be more efficient. This function is already seeing increased adaptation, and one can soon expect to see chatbots in many, if not all, casino gaming sites.

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2.   Improve user experience (UX)

One of the things that AI excels in is analyzing big data and finding connections and patterns. Casino and sports betting companies can take advantage of the analytic capabilities of AI to glean information. For example, they can learn about which games people love playing, what return rates for certain games are, the times many people play, etc.

This information can then be used to make the players’ experience better. For example, it can be used to design games that people want to play and organize the casino so that the most played games are the first to be seen. A casino that does this coupled with fantastic bonuses like PlayCroco Casino bonuses will undoubtedly see an influx of new players.

3.   Root out fraudulent behaviour

While casinos are always looking for odd behaviour among players, some bad players are good at hiding their tracks. However, with AI’s pattern recognition capabilities, casinos can spot any strange behaviour early on and stop it before losing a lot of money. This will help make games fair for everyone, as no one will get an unfair advantage over other players.

4.   Flag troubling behaviour

According to The Recovery Village, more than 10 million Americans live with gambling addiction. You would not be surprised to find that many of these people are not aware that they have a problem. One good way AI can be used is to analyze the playing patterns of players and then issue alarms for players with troubling patterns.

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This particular point may be a double-edged sword for casinos. These people with addictions often spend a lot of money gambling, which is great for casinos. However, the high addiction numbers top some people from gambling as they are afraid that they may get addicted. Whatever the case, AI can help responsible casino owners cut off gambling addicts if they choose to use it that way.

5.   Increase the competitiveness between bots and players

If you have played a game against a computer, you may have noticed that there are times when playing against the computer is too easy or too hard. AI’s learning capabilities can help casinos make games between bots and their players more competitive to be more enjoyable. The flip side is that AI may become too good at playing such that it’s impossible for humans to beat them. Casinos can allow players to tune the difficulty levels of games so that players dont get bored and frustrated.

6.   Regulations on gambling will change.

Many gambling regulations at the moment cater to the casino institutions and the players. Additionally, with the increase in online and mobile gambling, some laws govern how data can be shared between casinos and other institutions.

As AI continues to see adoption in the casino industry, we should expect that regulations will be introduced that govern how it can be used in the games. Additionally, it may help/push casinos to do some things. For example, regulations may make it mandatory for casinos to notify gamblers with troubling patterns to take a break. They may also regulate how hard games can be between bots and humans so that casinos do not get an unfair advantage.

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While many skeptics fear that AI and robots may take over the world in the future, there is so much good that can be accomplished if AI is put to good use. AI can help the casino industry offer better services, help game creators make better games and help players get a better user experience while gaming. All this will depend on how casinos incorporate AI tech into their casinos.



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