7 Must Have Softwares In Computer

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Setting up a new PC? We have the list of the essential windows 10 and 11 software you should have on your computer. Be it either a new PC or if you’re reinstalling Windows, downloading apps and software are the first goals. Now, we are aware there are dozens and dozens of mind-blowing programs but updating all of them will make your PC lag and who wants that right? So know what you must have and what are just accessories! 

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Best windows app and software for your PC

Now, let’s skim through these apps and software for your windows. You will find all these apps are almost free and of course, there are alternatives that you can opt for. 

1. TreeSize Free for your storage management problems

Who doesn’t get tired of the low storage space notification? When you are facing the same problem and have no more photos, videos, or files to delete, this disk analyzer is your way to go!

TreeSize Free helps you find out exactly what is taking up space on your computer. You can check the files according to their sizes and sometimes the largest files are just redundant. That means you can instantly delete and move them on your choice. 

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2. LibreOffice, a compact office suite for enhanced productivity. 

A completely free and powerful office suite that can be your alternative to rather not pay Microsoft Office. LibreOffice is a productivity suite with includes documents, spreadsheets, and presentations, in one place! There will be a few differences if you are used to Microsoft Office or PowerPoint. Other alternatives include FreeOffice. 

3. Take important screenshots and recordings with Monosnap

We all have moments that we need to capture recording or screenshots. You have an in-build basic snipping tool and snip & sketch apps in your Windows, with do the work but have only the base features. Now if you are looking for something better, you need a powerful yet free tool, we have the right alternatives!

Monosnap is your easy-to-install chrome extension with helps you capture, highlight, and extra tools. All these with zero cost! Other alternatives include PicPick and ShareX. 

4. Keep your security top-notch with Anti-Malware

Windows 10 and 11 have already been installed with Windows defender, which acts as a great antivirus in itself. For precautionary measures, it is recommended to keep another secondary security program for an extra layer of protection. 

Our top voice would be Malwarebytes, you can access both free and Malwarebytes premium versions. The free version scans your system for malware in-depth which Windows defenders might not be able to catch.

5. Google Chrome: Internet Browser

Google Chrome stands undoubtedly as the top browser pick. You get access to little thrifty tools such as Google lens for an image search and the extensions have millions of options to choose from. It helps with cross-platform syncing between your desktop and your phone, serving as a fantastic browser.

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Although it does come with amazing features, people tend to avoid it. It takes up a lot of RAM and Google’s tracking via Chrome is no longer a secret in the industry. 

Alternative: Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

6. Convenience of compression and extraction of files

We understand that this might be the least exciting category for you to read, but it is necessary. Every PC should have a file extractor, with helps the user check and work with archived and zipped files. If we are looking for an easy-to-install and use app,7-Zip and PeaZip are the market standards people swear by. The only advantage of PeaZip over 7-Zip is that it is more aesthetically pleasing. 

7. LastPass, your password manager for your safety

Creating strong passwords for hundreds of sites and remembering passwords every time just isn’t the way to go. LastPass provides you with a secure service that stores all your strong passwords behind one master password, which is the only one you will ever have to remember. It is easy to use and install. 

You can install a LastPass extension in the browser of your choice and the best part you get an autofill password with zero hassle. Also, there will be a routine check to verify that you are the only user that has access to the account by verification mail to your registered email.

You can also store important pins, addresses, and details. The best part, if you work in an office environment and need to share or use the same tools, you can share passwords without even revealing them! You have an option to either get the free or premium version. The premium version is definitely worth the money. 

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Now that you know this necessary software for your PC, you should also be aware of useless Windows apps that you should uninstall. We have listed a few alternatives to help you choose according to your preferences. The programs mentioned above will be much better options than the default programs and apps that come with Windows. Make sure you amp up your windows to the best of your ability!

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