7 Outfits You Can Wear on and off the Beach

7 Outfits You Can Wear on and off the Beach
7 Outfits You Can Wear on and off the Beach
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Who doesn’t want to spend all day every day at the beach? Once you finally put away your laptop and escape the daily grind for a holiday or weekend getaway, there’s really no better place to relax than the beach. From Hawai’i to the Amalfi coast, the world is full of incredible beaches. If you’re worried about how to maintain your effortlessly chic style when you head to the beach, here are seven outfits that you can wear from the sand to the city center and back again.

 1. Romper

A romper is a perfect one-piece for moving between the beach and any other setting while you’re on vacation. The styles and designs are practically limitless, so try not to get overwhelmed when you’re adding this essential garment to your vacation wardrobe.

Go for a simple style with vertical stripes, thin shoulder straps, and long pant legs so that you can go from that walk on the beach in the afternoon to a chic Italian cafe for an evening shot of espresso. Even better, take two or three rompers with you on your enchanting Mediterranean cruise so that you never have to think about how to match your tops and bottoms.

2. Maxi Dress

While you might be used to seeing maxi dresses at farmer’s markets in LA, the maxi dress is actually tailor-made for the beach. Consider that getting in and out of a maxi dress is incredibly easy, which means you can pull it over your bikini for a quick swim and then put it back on to go meet your friends for an afternoon cocktail. Maxi dresses are also airy, which makes them great at keeping you cool under the sun.

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3. Sarong

Learning how to drape a sarong can take some practice, but once you can do it, you’ll want to keep one handy for every trip to the beach. Sarongs are incredibly versatile since they’re essentially single pieces of cloth that you can use in a variety of ways. You can wrap one around your waist to show off your bikini top and shoulders or create an off-the-shoulder look with virtually no effort.

4. Monochromatic

If you want to impress with your style, bring a monochromatic look with you to your beach pau hana, that’s Hawaiian, for an after-work picnic or get-together. Whether you’re into peach, teal, cream, navy, or sage, a monochromatic outfit instantly elevates your style. A pair of navy cotton shorts paired with a navy button-down is going to keep you comfortable while also looking chic as hell. 

5. T-Shirt Dress

Slightly shorter than a maxi dress but just as effortlessly cute, your t-shirt dress is practically begging you to take it to the beach. Everyone has one of these somewhere in the closet. Throwing a t-shirt dress over your bathing suit and pairing it with sexy sunglasses and sweet kicks is a recipe for beach holiday fashion success.

6. Sheer Swimsuit Cover-Up

When you’re ready to strut your stuff as you walk into town from the beach, throw on a sheer swimsuit cover-up. This is an item that is not so much functional as it is sexy. You want to show people that you know you’re not at the beach, but you also want them to know that you could run into the ocean at a moment’s notice.

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7. Linen Loungewear

You can’t go to any major tourist destination without spotting some chic linen loungewear. In any other fabric, loose loungewear just looks like you’re wearing pajamas in public. Linen is the kind of material that makes you look rich. No matter how you wear it or how wrinkled it gets at the beach, just the fact that you bought something in linen is going to impress your friends.

Now that you have an entire wardrobe lined up, you can pack your bags and head out to the beach feeling confident, sexy, and comfortable.

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