7 Tips For Keeping Your Roof in Top Shape

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The roof is not an indestructible part of the house and needs regular maintenance to be in top shape. It is subjected to wear and tear, damage, leaks, and gets negatively affected by the weather. 

Regular maintenance goes a long way to increasing the lifespan of the roof. Even though it is an important part of the house, it is not something at the forefront of most homeowners’ minds. 

Follow these 7 roof maintenance tips to achieve roof longevity goals.

7 Maintenance Tips For Keeping Your Roof in Top Shape

Many common roof problems can be avoided with roof cleaning and maintenance tasks. Keep reading to know about these expert tips to extend the lifetime of your roof by many years.

Inspect Shingles

Inspecting shingles regularly does not cost anything, if you observe cracked or missing shingles, fix them right away. 

Moreover, check for a damaged piece of wood, leaky nail, and small cracks. If you notice any, repair them so that water does not seep underneath to cause mold or wood rot. Hire roofing boerne tx.

Check For Leaks

Even the smallest leaks can be problematic, therefore, check ceilings and attics for any moisture or signs of water damage. 

Do not forget to inspect the roof after heavy rains or storms. If you find roof leaks or wet spots, call a professional roofer to fix this issue before it snowballs into something bigger.

Clean the Gutters

Regular gutter maintenance is a sure way to extend the service lifespan of a roof. Remove dead leaves and debris from rain gutters to keep them functioning properly. 

Clogged gutters can cause moisture-related problems, therefore, clean them once every two months. Use an air hose to blow out dirt or hire someone to clean and patch up any holes in the gutter.

Cut Away surrounding Branches

Surrounding trees and branches is a huge problem on windy days as falling branches can cause damage to the roof. Leaves and twigs also contribute to clogging the roof’s rain gutter system. 

Trimming threatening overhanging branches prevents any damage to the structure of the roof. 

Keep it Clean and Dry

Give the roof a nice bath with a pressure washer to remove any debris, moss, or algae growth. Keep the drains and gutters clear at all times to make sure that water drains off the roof freely.

Do Not Delay Roof Repairs

It is tempting to skip repairs till the issue becomes gigantic. Inspect the roof frequently and stay on top of all the repairs needed to be done. Fix small roof issues like cracks and leaks before they turn into something major.

Roof Inspection

It is important to hire a roof inspector for proper roof inspection once a year. Most people do not get their roofs checked until something is wrong.

Getting your roof inspected by professionals uncovers minor damage, signs of decay, and potential problems in the making. 

Carry out the necessary repairs as directed by the professional roofer to prolong its lifespan and keep it in good-looking shape.
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