7 Tips for Selling Your Motorhome Online

7 Tips for Selling Your Motorhome Online
7 Tips for Selling Your Motorhome Online

Your favorite RV camper has given you excellent service in all weather conditions and traveling situations. Now, it’s time to bid your old friend goodbye and find a suitable owner. While selling off your RV, you have numerous options, such as selling it to a dealer or wholesaler, trading it for a new motorhome, selling it through a broker on a consignment lot, or selling it privately.

Whatever option you choose, you need to learn about its pros and cons to get the best value for your used rig. If you ask about the “best way to sell my RV”, the short answer is selling it privately, provided you understand its advantages and downsides, and that you know what you are doing.

Apart from the selling options, you also need to consider other variables, including your specific location, the type of RV, the model, the time of the year when you are selling your RV, the condition and age of your motorhome, and how quickly you wish to sell it. However, regardless of these variables and options, you must follow some best practices to sell used travel trailer to get the best price.

7 Best Practices for Selling Your RV Online

We know how much you love your recreational vehicle. Therefore, it deserves to be sold at the best price. Here are some effective tips and best practices if you wish to “sell my motorhome” at a favorable price.

1.      Use High-Quality Photos

One image can speak a thousand words. So, while selling off your rig, take lots of good pictures from different angles. Take high-quality photos and, if possible, videos of your motorhome to increase the chances of attracting potential buyers. Use a high-resolution camera (it may also be your mobile camera) to ensure that every dent or scratch is clearly visible.

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Take snapshots of your rig from multiple directions and angles, and take both external and internal images. The more varied your images are, the better its chances to sell. One pro tip: clean your rig before taking its images, especially if it’s too dirty. RV listings with proper images are more likely to sell since potential customers can see what it looks like before purchasing.

2.      Write a Detailed Description

Write an appropriate and detailed description of your recreational vehicle while putting it up for sale. A well-written ad description should highlight the most important features of your camper. Since most reputed listing sites provide unlimited space for writing and descriptions, try not to miss out on any point.

Add important details like mileage, model, make, year, engine power (for motorized RVs), type, length, color, floor plan, number of sleeps, and price. Take the time to enter more details to sell your rig at a better price.

3.      Choose the Right Online Marketplace

While putting up an RV for sale, choose the right online marketplace. You can list your rig on genuine and reliable local classified sites, such as RVPostings. RV sellers prefer using local listing sites because they are easy and free to use. So, if you are looking for budget-friendly advertising options to “sell my RV online free”, online local listings may be the right choice.

You can quickly upload your images and other descriptions of your rig without spending any advertising fees. Moreover, these sites are popular, and sellers can connect easily with interested buyers.

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Apart from that, print “For Sale” signs at easy-to-see locations or busy areas to catch the attention of potential buyers. This is an inexpensive and effective tool to make your motorhome sell faster.

4.      Set a Fair Price

Avoid overpricing or underpricing your rig. You know what your vehicle is worth, so be honest with it. Set a fair price that makes it sell at a good value. Unless it’s a vintage RV, don’t set a high price that your potential customer may find difficult to pay.

Likewise, avoid undervaluing your RV and ensure it is sold off at the right price it deserves. Often, undervalued rigs raise questions and doubts in the buyer’s mind regarding whether you are trying to hide any flaws or defects. Also, do not transfer the vehicle’s title until you receive the entire funds.

5.      Be Responsive to Inquiries

Address all the inquiries your potential client makes and answer them with patience. Never hide anything. Be absolutely transparent about your vehicle and your entire selling process. Explain all the features and modifications of your rig in detail, along with its complete floor plan.

Another suggestion is to print a handy sheet of paper placed on the windows of your RV, which includes the answers to some commonly asked questions about your rig. This saves time explaining the same features and doubts repeatedly to different buyers. Also, include your contact details on the window sheet, such as your phone number, email address, location, etc.

6.      Be Honest

While writing your RV’s description or talking to your potential shopper, explain why you are selling it, reveal the number and type of flows, such as scratches, dents, etc., the payment modes available, and the kind of renovations or upgrades you have done (if any) and when. Also, disclose any prior maintenance, warranty information, insurance policy details, the issues that may need to be fixed, and so on.

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Think of your rig from the buyer’s perspective. Ask yourself questions like, “Will the buyer be satisfied and feel at ease after I sell my camper?” It will encourage you to write better ad descriptions and be more confident while pitching. So, be as honest as possible!

7.      Provide a Test Drive

Allow your potential client to do a long test drive of your rig. Avoid turning down such requests. In fact, you should be the one offering it in the first place. Instead of having a “sell my motor home quickly” attitude, think from the buyer’s viewpoint.

Give your potential customers a chance to test drive your rig before signing the deal. It will give them the confidence to pay the price the vehicle is worth. Besides, it will develop a strong buyer-seller bond, encouraging the client to trust you.


To conclude, we highly recommend you use local classified portals and social media sites to advertise your used RV. Give your potential buyers the opportunity to evaluate your rig’s condition and performance before purchasing it.

So, if your search term was “tips for selling my RV online effectively”, we hope the above tips and suggestions have answered your queries. Click high-quality images and videos, write a great ad description, determine the best price, and set your RV for sale.

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