8 Benefits of Regularly Changing Your Car’s Engine Oil

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With time, the engine oil of a car gets polluted. Changing your car’s oil regularly is the best thing that can help you increase its lifespan. This is an easy and very cheap process that can save your car from early repairs. A car’s engine comprises several parts that are needed to be lubricated to move without any destruction. Used oil contains too much pollution that cannot fulfil this requirement and produces friction in the moving parts; hence, the engine’s performance gets inadequate.

Changing engine oil on time is very important, it should be made a part of your usual car maintenance. Here are some benefits of regularly changing your car’s engine oil. Check them out below.

Benefits of Replacing Engine Oil

1) Performance of Engine

Changing a car’s engine oil is very helpful to maintain the performance of your car, as the impure oil can badly affect its mobility  by creating friction between moving parts. Fresh oil is free from all impurities and can lubricate the engine parts to move freely with no problem, improving the overall performance of the vehicle.

2) Engine’s Lifespan

Replacing a car’s engine oil is very helpful to increase the engine’s lifespan. This keeps the engine parts lubricated, helping them to work for a longer time without being damaged. When its parts work fine, the engine automatically works well and remains in a good condition. Therefore, we suggest you get your car’s engine oil changed regularly. If you have any of Toyota’s cars, our recommendation for car maintenance is to get it done from any authorized Toyota dealer in your town, like Toyota Creek Motors in Karachi, Pakistan.

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3) Better Mileage

When the old dirty engine oil is replaced with a new one, the car gives better mileage as friction is reduced, and the engine parts move freely. This enables the engine to work easily and more smoothly. This also helps you to save money by spending less on fuel.

4) Cleanliness of Engine

Changing engine oil also helps you keep your car’s engine clean. When the engine starts, oil flows into it to lubricate the parts and carry dust and debris from everywhere along with it. This process cleans the engine, but the oil becomes polluted gradually. Therefore, you shouldn’t delay changing the oil if you want to prevent a sludge from being built within the engine.

5) Engine’s Temperature

When a car is driven, the engine produces a lot of heat as its parts move at high speed. Engine oil flows and lubricates the parts to reduce friction, which helps the engine to remain cool and not to overheat.

6) Decreased Emission

A car’s engine produces a lot of harmful gases and particles that are emitted from it. But, if the engine oil is clean, it absorbs most of those harmful things and decreases their emission.

7) Environment Friendly

As the engine oil decreases the emission of harmful particles from the engine by absorbing them, this helps to keep the environment safe and clean. Therefore, it’s very important to change the engine oil regularly.

8) Protection of Engine

Engine oil helps a car’s engine to work smoothly. Because of this, it takes very little effort to move the car. This protects the engine from excessive wear & tear and the life of its parts also increases.

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Types of Engine Oil

There are three types of engine oil, i.e. mineral, synthetic, and semi-synthetic. To select an engine oil for your car, it’s very important to know which type is the best for your car.

– Mineral Oils

Mineral oils are extracted from petroleum. They’re used in old model cars or in those engines that don’t have turbochargers. These oils are denser than synthetic oils. They aren’t good to use in high temperatures and are recommended to use in moderate climates. These oils have bad oxidation stability, therefore they need to be replaced frequently.

– Synthetic Oils

Synthetic oils are made from mixing various types of chemicals. They can improve the performance of the engine and can remain pure for a longer time as compared to mineral oils, hence they’re considered as of better quality. Comparatively, their prices are higher than mineral oils.

– Semi-Synthetic Oils

Semi-synthetic oils are a mixture of both mineral and synthetic oils. They’re made to improve the performance of mineral oils by adding synthetic to them. These oils provide better quality than mineral oils and cheaper prices than synthetic oils. But they also need to be replaced frequently, like mineral oils.

These were some benefits of regularly changing your car’s engine oil. We also discussed the types of engine oils. Hope you understand how important it is to get your engine oil replaced. We suggest you make it a practice to get your vehicle’s engine oil changed as a part of your car maintenance. This will help you ‌maintain the engine for a longer period than usual.

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