8 Best AI Coins

8 Best AI Coins
8 Best AI Coins

AI is about to become a huge part of our lives. It will change the way we communicate with each other, how we drive from point A to point B, and so on. Already, AI has had a significant impact on online marketing and image recognition.

It has been a significant field of development since the early 2000s. The sector has seen a lot of progress in recent years, which has led to more attention being paid to technology. The blockchain industry is one of the industries that have seen the most AI development, as many blockchain developers are choosing to integrate AI into their applications

AI will also be a major factor in the blockchain world. AI can be used to create smart contracts or analyze blockchain data for insights into crypto price patterns. And as things stand now, AI will be playing an even more significant role in the cryptocurrency world going forward.


VELAS is a scalable, smart contract platform based on blockchain technology, which provides developers with all the necessary tools to create decentralized applications. The platform is equipped with several key features, such as an adaptive PoS (Proof-of-Stake) algorithm, multi-signature wallets, and smart contracts based on the Turing-complete programming language. This means that any developer can easily create complex Dapps on this platform.


GNY is an open-source machine learning platform based on the Ethereum blockchain technology, allowing users to benefit from decentralized machine learning solutions without coding skills. Instead of developers writing the code for each contract, the GNY platform automatically creates them based on machine learning principles.

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Cortex is a blockchain-based AI platform that allows developers to publish, share and use AI models on the Cortex network. Cortex also provides an AI model marketplace where users can buy and sell AI models.


SingularityNET is an open-source protocol for trading AI services. SingularityNET uses smart contracts to allow its users to buy and sell access to AI algorithms over a decentralized network.

Ocean Protocol

Ocean Protocol is a decentralized exchange for data, where data providers can publish their machine learning datasets and earn tokens. A team founded ocean Protocol in Singapore with previous experience in tech, artificial intelligence, data science, machine learning, and blockchain.


Numeraire is an Ethereum-based token that allows data scientists to build better predictive models for financial markets collaboratively. The token is backed by a venture capital company called Numerai. Numerai is a hedge fund that uses machine learning to create trading strategies. The firm was co-founded by Richard Craib, who initially launched the project as an experiment in 2015 before launching a crowdsourced hedge fund the following year.


Fetch is a smart ledger technology (SLT) platform that aims to bring decentralized ledger technology to mainstream internet services such as ecommerce, finance, and social networks. The platform employs autonomous agents built using AI technology to perform the functions of traditional intermediaries such as brokers, clearinghouses, and escrow agents, who are no longer needed due to the security of blockchain technology.


Prometheus is an open-source data marketplace that allows scientists to share datasets via smart contracts. Because the data transactions are recorded on the blockchain, they’re transparent and immutable — which means scientists can trust the data they use.


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