9-Figure Media Reveals Publicity Hacks for Start-ups


This post was most recently updated on August 26th, 2022

New businesses are plagued with a lot of downfalls, but the worst of it all is the lack of publicity. The lack of publicity pushes them farther down into near non-existence.

To overcome this, Ron Desi hints that “today’s buyers are smarter than ever. Before they buy from you, they hop onto Google to find out about you. And if they don’t find anything, you’ve lost that buyer to your competitor.”

Clearly, buying from your competitor means that since your business is not publicized, your customers quickly move to one that is publicized: your competitors’.

To increase brand visibility, brands have very diverse options like social media platforms, SEO website content, Press Releases and news article publication from PR companies like 9-Figure Media, and brand advertisement channels like Google and Facebook ads, etc.

Expert entrepreneurs have found tested and trusted methods to put their brand name out there. Below are some that work well.

Target Your Audience Through Speaking

TV programs and events are great ways to get brand visibility. Entrepreneurs who have allowed brands to be aired on live TV showcase their brands before their target audience.

Entrepreneurs shouldn’t be downcast if they are not experts in public speaking. It is advised to be as calm as ever and say how your brand helps your target audience overcome their challenges.

Brand visibility includes social media campaigns, exposure to local press., mmm, and getting brand exposure.  Even being mentioned on blogs and websites puts brands in front of their target audience.

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PR Agency 9-Figure Media Holds Your Brand By the Hand

Trust and credibility are two major things that attract your target audience to your brand. Brands also need speaking engagements and other exposure to gain brand visibility.

To achieve this feat, brands usually outsource it to PR agencies. Brands like yours should look out for PR agencies with impressive reviews, proof of high success rates, and experience working with brands across different industries. 

9-Figure Media is a pocket-friendly PR agency irmly rooted in helping brands create massive publicity, increase conversion rates, and build trust and credibility on authority sites that your target audience visits daily.

PR agency 9-Figure Media has an impressive record of helping brands move progressively from unknown startups to a trusted and credible brand in a short space of time. 9-Figure is an expert in crafting compelling press releases and news articles to 200 major media houses like Bloomberg, CBS, Forbes, New York Times, etc.

As a leading PR agency, 9-Figure Media offers amazing discounts that help startups save a whole lot and still get the publicity they need. 

Business analysts believe that PR agency 9-Figure is a game changer when it comes to putting brands before their target audience.

Effective communication and collaboration are needed between a PR agency and a brand to identify the needs of the brand and provide the necessary information needed by the PR agency to create massive publicity for the brand.

It is only a great PR agency like 9-Figure Media that guarantees impressive positive outcomes. With positive outcomes, this PR agency leaves no stone unturned to ensure brand visibility.

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Don’t sit on the fence

Choosing a PR agency seems like a hard task. Choosing a great one seems harder. That’s why 9-Figure Media has made amazing and proven progress working with brands both startups, struggling businesses, and established ones to maintain trust, build credibility and manage crises that hurt a brand image.

9-Figure Media offers low fees to help you save for other business needs and still serves success on a silver platter.

Don’t sit on the fence, contact them today to get started on your brand’s amazing journey to visibility and massive publicity. Kindly visit www.9figuremedia.com to talk with their team of experts.

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