9 Smart Grocery Shopping Tips for Lazy Buyers

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The cost of food is a significant portion of most people’s monthly income. Doing your weekly grocery shopping can save you time and money, no matter how many items you need. Using our insider knowledge, you may have a stress-free shopping experience.

Whether it’s shopping electrical items online or online grocery shopping, as a consumer you need to be smart and follow some strategy to shop online. 

Here are some tried and tested online grocery shopping tips that will help you shop effectively. 

  1. Sunday afternoons are the worst time to go shopping

Sundays are one of the busiest shopping days of the week, with consumers working their way to/from church, entertainers preparing for the big game, and procrastinators rushing to the store first before the weekend is through. 

Doing big shopping during peak hours can be a terrible idea because you’ll have to deal with the crowds, long lines, and stale produce baskets and sale racks that come with it.

Instead, the best time to go is at any time. First thing every morning, late at night, and on weekdays are the most common off-hours.

  1. Always Shop with a List in Hand

When you’re exploring the store, it’s easy to assume you’ll remember everything you need, but there’s likely to be someone you forget in the flurry of activity. Check your pantry before you leave to make sure you have items like olive oil, pasta, and other items that you don’t buy on a regular basis.

Preparation is key, so make a list of possible supper options. Make meal planning a reality this weekend by checking out these simple ideas. You’ll be able to go around the store more quickly if you make a list beforehand.

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It’s much easier to pick up everything on your list if you organize it by type of goods. You’ll become an excellent list builder in no time with these additional suggestions.

  1. When you’re hungry, don’t go shopping

Being hungry when doing your grocery shopping can increase your grocery bill because it makes it difficult to concentrate. It’s been shown in previous studies that going grocery shopping when you’re hungry is a costly mistake. As a result of their hunger, anxious shoppers have the propensity to buy unnecessary things and eat unhealthy snacks. To avoid this, go shopping after a meal or bring a healthy snack with you.

  1. Always Shop for Meat and Dairy First

It’s important to think about what things can lose their cool if you go on a long shopping trip. If you’re going to be shopping for a long time, start in the fruit section and finish in the dairy or meat aisles because those items degrade quickly if they’re not kept cool.

  1. You should not purchase a product solely because it is on sale

When an item is marked “SALE,” it can be difficult to resist the temptation to pick it up, but it’s important to compare it to the rest of the store’s offerings and prices. If an item is on sale, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the cheapest. Compare prices by looking around the store. Also, keep an eye out for store-brand products, which are frequently the most affordable.

  1. Get an idea of how much it costs per ounce by looking at the total price
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First-come, first-served is the stocker’s rule of thumb (and so should you). Behind the older inventory, they store new stock. If you’re buying pre-packaged or frozen goods, the expiration date is likely to be months or even years away. However, if you’re looking for dairy, fruit, eggs, and other fresh goods, it’s worth going back to the rear of the store and grabbing the item with the shortest shelf life.

  1. Analyzing the information on a milk jug’s label

If you shop at your local grocery store, you never know what promotions or discounts they might have for you. There’s a chance your store offers special discounts to certain demographics, such as seniors and students. You could check about just a discount card or even a store membership program, as they can offer further savings and discounts. There are many discount cards that can save you money on petrol and prescription drugs.

  1. Avoid Produce Shopping in the Midday Hours

Shop while deliveries are coming in if you want the best quality and freshest produce. In the morning, as the store opens or in the night as the store prepared to close, produce shipments arrive at local grocery stores. Find out when your local grocery store’s shipments arrive so that you may shop at certain times to get the freshest produce and widest choices.

Don’t buy too much product when you go grocery shopping. Overzealousness is all too common in the retail environment. To save money, only buy what you know you’ll eat right away.

  1. Never leave the house without checking the sale ads before you make a purchase.
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This is a great strategy to save money when you don’t have time to clip coupons; even firehouse chefs do it. Shop around for the best deals on products you know you’ll purchase.

Consider stocking up if an item you usually purchase is on sale. Dairy products like milk, for example, can be frozen for later use. (Find out what things you didn’t know you could freeze.)

Whether you buy grocery in Singapore, or anywhere in the world, these tips will help you shop without making any mistakes. It is necessary to act smart because there are tons of online stores out there, so before shopping grocery online follow the above tips. 

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