A Detailed Guide for Speaking with Custom Clothing Manufacturers (12 Steps)

A Detailed Guide for Speaking with Custom Clothing Manufacturers (12 Steps)
A Detailed Guide for Speaking with Custom Clothing Manufacturers (12 Steps)

This post was most recently updated on February 7th, 2023

When you assume the position of the consumer, it might be simple to overlook how crucial the relationship is between your business and its manufacturer and suppliers. Here is some advice on how to contact the custom clothing manufacturers for your order who is thoroughly knowledgeable about the manufacturing sector.

Describe yourself

It’s important to start off your commercial engagement with a manufacturer on the right foot. Clarify your brand name and introduction. Provide them with sufficient information to convince them that you are a trustworthy customer who is prepared to conduct business seriously.

Monetary discussion: When you initially meet the manufacturer, resist the impulse to discuss your financial condition with them. Don’t be amateurish. Even if you’ve had positive or negative past encounters, don’t claim to be on a limited budget or have doubts about the manufacturer’s moral character.

Phases of production

You must be specific about the stage of production you have reached when speaking with a manufacturer. Consider your future steps, the services you will require, and the services you anticipate from your manufacturer.

Do not expect it will satisfy all of your wants. Manufacturing firms may collaborate with subcontractors who are prepared to assist you. In other situations, they might be able to direct you to the service providers they are familiar with. However, it’s likely that you will have to outsource some work, so be ready.

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Locate the ideal manufacturer

Make it important to ask about their prior experience when describing the kind of Seam apparelclothing you wish to produce to a manufacturer. Have they ever carried out anything comparable before? Make every effort to learn as much as you can. Can they list some of the companies with which they have partnered? Are there any pictures or links offered?

Discovering that the manufacturer of your choice has never completed orders identical to yours is not a cause to abandon it. You should merely be aware that they are learning as they go, just like you are.

Get a quote

When asking for a quote, be absolutely specific. Specify the number you want it for when you request it. If you request a price for 10,000,000 goods, it can cause suspicions and your account might not be viewed as a legitimate business possibility. Don’t budge on the figures. If you’re interested in a range of quantities, inquire about the terms for larger or lower amounts. If your manufacturing volume is higher, they might provide you with a special deal.

Observe the budget

Decide how much leeway you can afford to build into your budget. Ask the manufacturer if they can meet it after that. Request a thorough analysis to make sure the total cost of the production does not soar. It would seem like the simplest course of action to ask for the cost per unit. Regrettably, calculations are frequently impractical prior to the creation of the first sample. In this instance, request that the price be broken down into groups for each component of the garment (e.g. fabrics, trim, accessories, print, labor).

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Define the procedure

Make sure you are familiar with the stages needed in working with that specific manufacturer so you can maintain track of the production process. Note the duration in its entirety.

Producing times

The lead time and available manufacturing slots should be requested. Remember that making last-minute modifications could cause you to miss your scheduled time slot and cause your production to be substantially delayed. Ask the manufacturer about the time and financial repercussions of skipping the deadline for last-minute modifications.

Follow the schedule

Make a schedule and make sure the manufacturer can adhere to the conditions. If not, inquire as to what modifications can be made to the procedure in order to finish within the deadline.

Give it everything you’ve got

Make sure the manufacturers have all the data, supplies, and resources they require to start and complete the project successfully. Following receipt of the confirmation and the commencement of production, monitor the procedure.

Do not hold the samples, hostage

Before they begin, manufacturers need approved samples. If the manufacturer requires your samples to begin production, don’t schedule any photo shoots with them. Do not forget to deliver samples on time if your sample production company is distinct from the bulk manufacturing company.


You might want to sign a contract depending on the payment arrangements. It is best for you to specify the terms of production if you are making an advance payment. Establish the deadlines and who is responsible for paying the costs in the event of flaws or other unanticipated circumstances to safeguard your business.

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Identify the hidden costs

Costs for labeling, packaging, shipping, import duties, and export duties may or may not be included in the cost of making a garment. This should be stated up front to prevent disappointment.

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