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Brand-new, first-to-market solution based on AI and machine language that generates business-growing sales copy, VSLs, marketing advertisements, email swipes, attention-grabbing visuals, and much more automatically, even if you have no prior experience with either technology or marketing.

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Video review for Front End only A.I. Marketo

A.I. Marketo   – Text From This Video

Please call me Kevin. Five apps that make creative use of AI will be discussed today. For instance, I can instantly alter my voice on this service. Selecting a region and making it disappear instantly is another one of my many picture editing skills. My kid, where are you right now? I can give the machine specific instructions, like “write a song for the Kevin Cookie Company,” and it will do what I say. Absolutely wonderful, I have no words. I wasn’t sure whether I was expecting too much by having the computer sing it to me. The success of both you and I can be directly attributed to the Kevin Cookie Company. Some of the other cases we’ll examine today are those mentioned above. Take a look at them with me. VoiceMod, our first instrument, is a piece of software that makes real-time modifications to your voice. There are download links on both the main page and the explanation page. So that they may use spoken data to train their algorithms, they have voice actors record a wide variety of text. When you put your mouth to a microphone, your voice instantly takes on the characteristics of the person speaking in the scene.Local A.I. Marketo OTO
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When you’ve finished downloading and installing VoiceMod, you’ll see the following screen: To access VoiceMod’s extensive library of voices, select the voice box in the top left corner. Due to the early stages of development of the competing technologies, this is the only domain in which an actor was used to create a model for an AI voice. We need to put a few to the test right now. Selecting a writer’s name from this list will allow me to read their work. When it comes to cookies, Kevin’s makes the best. If it comes from a reliable source, it must be true. It’s important to think about the opposing arguments. From where I am, I will activate the pilot. Men and women, your pilot has just touched down. The flight attendants will shortly be passing out delicious, freshly made cookies, and I just wanted to give you a heads up. You can select a protagonist on the right side of the screen; the pilot has selected Michael. Ellen’s gender neutrality is enhanced by the use of a female voice. Replace the current evaluator with a new one. I’ll use Alice as an illustration. Please, kids, don’t leave any cookies behind.

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It’s simple to lose track of time while experimenting with so many different voices. In the following section, we’ll go through how to utilize cleanup.pictures to get rid of clutter in your photo collections. Here at cleanup.pictures, it’s as easy as dragging and dropping to get rid of unwanted elements in your photos. What kind of content are you hoping to develop? What a brilliant AI response to the topic at hand; I could continue this discussion if I wanted to. Our final exam will focus on Microsoft Excel. Microsoft has started incorporating AI into the product, which is a widely used program. Excel’s in-built analytic functions make it easy to enter data and spot patterns and insights that would otherwise go unnoticed.

The AI Upsell Add-On for Marketo

I’m staring at a spreadsheet with sales information for the Kevin Cookie Company, eager to get in and start analyzing it in Excel, but I have no idea where to start. To have nothing but my computer and some AI to rely on was a great relief. To begin, go to the top left and click the home tab, then go to the bottom right and click analyze data. On the right, a new tab has opened up where I can conduct some rudimentary data manipulation. Since then, I’ve been able to query Excel with data-related inquiries without really performing the analysis myself. Let’s assume that “total revenue” is of interest to you. When I put that number in, I saw that we had made just under $5 million. This is even more amazing, but you won’t want to miss it. What follows are deductions made by Excel’s built-in analysis of my data. Amazing views await me as I make my way down. The chocolate chip variation is the best seller. You won’t believe it, but I even have a pivot chart! If I click the link that shows below, I can see all 18 results.This gives me access to new details about my data and is packed with fascinating insights I would have missed without it. Note that Google Sheets has comparable features.
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The “Explore” button in Google Sheets may be found in the far right corner. This tool is helpful for users of both Excel and Google Sheets since it enables you to query your data and provides several insights based on your input. So, this is only the beginning of the wide range of applications for artificial intelligence. If you have any other great instances, please share them here. If you liked this video and want to see more content like it, please subscribe. I’m going to upload a picture of my kiddo standing in front of a snowy peak. You may keep using the SD version at no cost, or you can pay to upgrade to HD. In particular, I want to keep employing SD. This photograph taken up close of my son in the snow is priceless. To highlight my son, I only need to click on him and pick the appropriate brush size from the drop-down menu. When I’ve selected his complete body, I’ll let go of the mouse and let the computer take over. Wow, look at it now! The shot shows little of him, and even captures the background effectively. If I click the button in the top right, I can go back to the unaltered photo, and if I click it again, I can see how he was cut out. Amazing, really.

Extra Income with A.I. Marketo

Despite some minor flaws with shadows and such, the speed with which this was done is rather impressive. This method is far superior to the clone stamp in Photoshop. Our next undertaking will be the open-source movie editor CapCut, which will incorporate AI at every level of production. To get rid of a background, choose it and hit the delete key. You can even enhance your appearance. The foregoing are only a selection of additional traits. Let’s have a peek. You may get the CapCut video editor from capcut.com. You may use CapCut right away in your browser, or you can download it and install it on your Mac or PC to use whenever you choose. Installing the app on your mobile device is required for full functionality. No money is needed. To get started with CapCut and a new project, just drag & drop content into the program’s main window after installation. First, I’ll import a video of myself, drop it onto the timeline below, and pause the movie so I can go to work without interrupting anything. Keeping this tape in the active window, I’ll proceed to Edit > Cutout > Video > Auto Cutout to eliminate the background.

Introduction to the Marketo OTO AI

I’ve decided on this, and it appears to be working in the demo. Look, here is where all the cutting-edge AI study is being conducted! Since the background was eliminated, a “green screen” wasn’t necessary. The AI has picked me out of the crowd and located me. The ability to upload a photo is a great feature right now. Check out this awesome workplace setting. Now that I’ve moved the movie to the primary layer on the timeline, I can insert the still image. To make it fit the length of my video, I’ll relocate it down to the bottom layer and then over here. What occurs now when I play it is as follows. Apparently, I’m in an other place altogether.
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Let me show you by moving these levers off to the side so the image fills the whole display. Once again, there was no green screen. I’m impressed, to put it mildly. CapCut’s artificial intelligence is so advanced that it can do much more than just remove the backdrop. After choosing a film, I’ll use the “enhance” button on the far right.

Analysis of the AI Marketo OTO

To zero in on the area containing my face, I may first utilize AI to pinpoint its location, and then use CapCut to outline the area. One possible improvement would be if my skin were softer. Perhaps all I need is a confidence boost. My teeth could be whitened if I truly wanted to. Perhaps this will be used to other areas of my face as well. My chin size and form, for instance, may be altered. Here I was also able to experiment with new hairstyles and makeup. Then why do people choose for cosmetic surgery? Having only an online audience means you may present yourself anyway you choose. More information on how to make the most of CapCut is provided in the linked video. The OpenAI text models will be used after this. You may give the computer instructions, and it will carry them out perfectly. For details, see the aforementioned and subsequent links. To put it another way, we’re now playing in OpenAI’s sandbox. The basic configuration instructions may be found on the left side of the screen, while the customizable features can be found on the right.

A Review of the AI Marketo OTO

Choose your preferred AI model in the menu below. Text-da Vinci-003 is the current setting. Instructions for this AI should go in the blank at the top. Since I’ve always wanted a song about the Kevin Cookie Company, I’ll type it in as the directive and hit the submit button down below. Wow, look at it now! The Kevin Cookie Company now has its own jingle! Both the chorus and the verse I won’t be singing but which sounds lovely in my thoughts are now at your disposal. This seems really solid. The Kevin Cookie Company just announced disappointing financial results, so I thought I’d check if the AI had any suggestions. Before we hit publish, I’ll explain why Kevin Cookie Company’s financial performance fell short of expectations. Wow. I think that sums up the situation rather well. Possible reasons include shifts in consumer preferences, more intense competition, and ineffective marketing. I find this reasoning to be compelling. This would have been helpful for me in high school. So, I need to ask: what is the best way to tell my professor that I just didn’t have the time to do the task at hand? To find out, I’m about to hit the “submit” button.

AI Marketo Testimonials

I apologize that I will not be able to do my homework. I spent a lot of time dealing with a family emergency and was unable to finish the project. In the event of a serious family emergency, you must help out. That’s a really convincing argument. There’s a ChatGPT button below if you wish to have a conversation with the AI. Okay, let’s try this and see what happens. I’m considering initiating a ChatGPT chat with the AI below; I could ask it to recommend some interesting topics for YouTube videos. Wow, that was some serious contemplation. Which of them most intrigues you? Determine the topics that will most interest your intended audience.

AI Marketo Testimonials

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