A New Era of Food Deliveries: Yulu and Zomato’s Eco-Conscious Team-up

A New Era of Food Deliveries: Yulu and Zomato's Eco-Conscious Team-up
A New Era of Food Deliveries: Yulu and Zomato's Eco-Conscious Team-up
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4 April 2023, Bangalore, India

The rental e-bike service provider Yulu and the famous food delivery app Zomato are coming together to make food deliveries in India more efficient and energy-saving. A statement released by media heads of respective companies mentioned the coming together of both companies would be very beneficial. The e-bike rental and sharing startup Yulu will provide the food delivery app Zomato with 25000 to 35000 units of their purpose-built scooter DeX. DeX, made especially for small gig workers, will be an efficient choice of mobility for delivery agents across the country.

Yulu and Zomato's Eco-Conscious Team-up
Yulu Ties up with zomoto (Image source: yulu)

DeX is a debonair addition to the Yulu fleet, designed to make short-mile deliveries easy. The vehicle will run on custom-made rental plans for the delivery agents that the scooters will be assigned. Authorities have predicted a total number of 3 lakh plus gree deliveries by the year 2026 if DeX is used every day. 

Yulu and Zomato's Eco-Conscious Ties-up
Yulu and Zomato’s Eco-Conscious Team-up (Image source : Zomoto)

One of the leaders of the food delivery apps, Zomato is an active hub for people who want to start earning money. The youth that wants to get on board and start earning finds it difficult to be a delivery agent due to rising fuel issues and less efficiency of the fuel-powered vehicle. By partnering with Yulu, Zomato delivery agents can acquire the benefits of Yulu’s flexible and custom-made rental packs, which would solve the issue of rising fuel prices. ICE-powered vehicles only provide efficiency of up to 40%, with the rest of 60% lost due to heat and friction. Electric vehicles improve the efficiency levels of a vehicle and enable it to travel a longer distance than ICE-powered vehicles at the same energy. 

“With Yulu’s deep understanding of the delivery ecosystem, purpose-built product DeX, robust operations, and a wide network of battery swapping stations, our solutions can improve earnings of delivery partners by up to 40 percent,” said the head of Revenue and Operations, Pradeep Puranam. 

The deep understanding of an electric vehicle’s immediate impact on our environment is much appreciated, and Zomato is on the path to making this impact. Zomato’s vision is to have all of its delivery agents use such electric vehicles that will help reduce the carbon footprint ICE-powered vehicles leave in the environment. Yulu is also aiming the heights alongside Zomato and has shown an immense determination for the cause. Yulu has reportedly supplied 4000 plus units of the DeX and other models to the delivery agents, who onboarded Zomato by the end of February 2023. This number is since rising, and soon it will reach where the authorities want it to be. 

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The statement released by both Yulu and Zomato reads the comments made by Mohit Sardana, COO of Zomato, on the vision both companies share.

Mohit said that concerning The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative, necessary amendments are in making, and their vision is to convert Zomato’s delivery fleet to 100% electric. This would make deliveries in India greener, more efficient, and energy-saving.

Source –  Economic Times

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