A Quick Guide to Best EDC Flashlight

EDC Flashlight
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Have you ever encountered a situation where you wish you had a flashlight? In our day-to-day life, artificial energy has become a part of us. 

Take a flashlight, for example. If you have to walk to your backyard at night, you won’t dare to walk out of your door without a flashlight. You will either use your smartphone flashlight or a normal EDC flashlight

As the world becomes more technology-driven, we are becoming more dependent on them. For that reason, before you buy any tools and gadgets you should have a basic knowledge of the technology. 

There are all sorts of flashlights in the market such as tactical flashlights, EDC flashlights, LEP flashlights, searchlights, and so on. Most people find it overwhelming and confusing to choose the right flashlight. 

In this short guide, we aim to educate you about flashlights so that you find the best EDC flashlight that meets your needs. 

Benefits of an EDC Flashlight

Before we get any further let’s understand why you need an EDC flashlight in the first place. 

  • Visibility – Where you’re experiencing an electricity outage or walking to the campsite at night, you need light. Some of the best EDC flashlights are not only small but powerful at the same time. Whenever you need light, an EDC flashlight can be your best friend. 
  • Self-defense – Do you know an EDC flashlight with over 300 lumens can temporarily blind a person? Not only the light, but you can also use the sharp bezel and strong aluminum body to strike an intruder. 
  • Signaling for Help – Assume you’re hiking in a dense forest at dawn and you lost your way to your campsite. You can point the flashlight toward the sky and let your friends know your location. 
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Types of EDC Flashlights

All the EDC flashlights mentioned below are compact, lightweight, and portable compared to traditional handheld lights. What differentiate them from each other is their design, features, and size. 

  • Pocket Flashlights – As the name suggests, these EDC flashlights are made for every carry to perfectly fit into your pocket. Compared to penlights and keychain lights, these flashlights have more lumen output, better battery, and longer beam throw. 
  • Penlights – Penlights are popular among doctors and engineers. The slim design helps the professional to easily carry in their pocket and use it when they need to see something up-close. Some penlights even have lasers that can be used for presentation and star gazing. 
  • Keychain Lights – If you’re looking for an easy-to-carry and convenient light source, this one’s for you. Keychain lights are the smallest lights in the EDC flashlight series. Depending on the brand, the lumen of these flashlights can range anywhere from 10 to 150. 
  • EDC Tactical Lights – This is one of the best EDC flashlights you wish you had. You can use this flashlight for self-defense, camping, hiking, and many other things. EDC tactical flashlights have remarkable lumen output, the longest battery life, and a body made of aluminum. It has the power of a tactical light and the simplicity of an EDC flashlight. 

Types of Batteries Used in EDC Flashlight 

The battery is one of the most important things that you can’t ignore while buying the best EDC flashlight. Many types of batteries are used in EDC lights but here are the most common ones. 

  • AA Batteries – AA is one of the best non-rechargeable batteries that are commonly used in many flashlights. They are durable and offer maximum brightness. The only drawback is the bulkiness.
  • AAA Batteries – This battery is a little smaller than AA batteries. They are also durable and produce enough light for all your lighting needs. Both AA and AAA batteries are widely available all over the world. 
  • CR123 – Some of the best EDC flashlights and high-performing electronics used these batteries. This is a 3v lithium battery that has a life shelf of up to 10 years. 
  • 14500 (14mm by 50 mm) – These batteries are lithium-ion batteries which are the same size as standard AA batteries. The only difference is, the 14500 batteries are rechargeable while AA batteries are not. 
  • 18650 (18mm by 65mm) – Most flashlights that use LED technology run on this battery. 18650 is a 3.7v rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is pretty popular in most of the best EDC flashlights. 
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How to Choose the Best EDC Flashlight 

There are lots of things that make up a perfect EDC flashlight. If you want to get a good return on investment, here are a few things you should keep in mind while buying an EDC flashlight.

  • Lumen – Brightness is not always a priority unless you need it for specific situations or purposes. For normal use, an EDC flashlight with 300 to 1000 lumens is more than enough.
  • Battery – Battery is an important factor you should take into consideration. Though AAA and AA batteries are a good source of power, rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are even better. 
  • Bulb – Back in the old days, incandescent bulbs were the only option available but today we have LED lights. Make sure the best EDC flashlight that you choose uses an LED bulb. LED bulbs produce more light and consume less battery. 
  • Weight and Size – EDC flashlight means everyday carry flashlight. Meaning, you can only carry a flashlight with you if it’s compact and weighs less. Make sure to choose an EDC flashlight that is easy to carry and can fit in your pocket. 
  • Construction – You will surely drop or knock your EDC flashlight here and there once in a while, knowingly or unknowingly. For that reason, while choosing the best EDC flashlight you should check the construction quality. Look for a flashlight that is made of aluminum alloy or other metal alloys. 

Final Thoughts 

Whether you’re looking to buy the best EDC flashlight for the first time or for your next camping trip this guide will help you choose the best flashlight. 

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One of the best places to start looking for the best EDC flashlight is the Olight store. They have many EDC flashlights made for different situations and needs. 

Have a look at their flashlight features and you will be amazed at how much value and quality they put into making each flashlight. 

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