Advantages of the MBA Program at Massey University

Advantages of the MBA Program at Massey University
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MBA is one of the best courses of Massey University in New Zealand, which is very popular among domestic and international students. This is because Massey MBA has a great number of advantages. Here, let’s take a look at the benefits of Massey University’s MBA program!

1. Differences in majors

Compared with MBAs provided by other universities, Massey’s MBAs have a unique feature that students can choose the direction they want to study. For example, MBA students in Massey University can choose international marketing or business development as their major. If you are a student here in New Zealand, you can also study digital transformation. In such a major, students can not only learn very critical knowledge, but also obtain recognized academic qualifications after completing the study. It is strongly recommended that everyone should determine their major after starting to study, and decide which major they want to study after they have experienced different disciplines. Or you can choose not to major, so that you will not have a special major.

2. Learning from the Academy’s experience

Massey University’s business school is not only large in scale, but also one of the leading business schools in New Zealand. It is also accredited by AACSB and AMBA, so its MBA program has actually existed in New Zealand for a long time, and its ranking is also high. Yes, it can be ranked in the top 250 in the world. So students can be guided by highly respected academics in business, making it even more convenient to study this major.

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3. Apply key skills to reality

One of the school’s MBA-focused goals is to empower students with leadership. In order to develop students’ leadership skills, the program will develop their thinking ability and solving ability during the study. Besides, students will also learn the latest results of the school’s research. There will also be a variety of homework in the course, so that students can well integrate reality with the knowledge they have acquired. And the school will also provide these students with opportunities to work in companies in New Zealand or some other places.

4. Improve your studies

Massey University’s MBA course is different from the level set by the school’s undergraduate course. This course adopts a kind of interactive learning with relatively close steps. Not only does the course have the established content, but the tutor will also support the students’ studies. And according to the latest policy here in New Zealand, students who study this course can also apply for a three-year work permit after graduation, so that they can legally work here.

5. Faster realization of the next step of development

The duration of the MBA program at Massey University is very short, which means that students can enter the profession faster, which allows students to grow faster in this field. Moreover, students can not only work in this industry, but in other industries, and it can help students become managers faster.

Compared with other MBAs, Massey MBA has its unique advantages and is considered as one of the best MBAs in New Zealand. What’s more, the program is very flexible and it can meet the needs of different students. In a word, if you plan to study MBA in New Zealand, Massey MBA is a good choice.


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