Advice and Concepts for Your Open-plan Kitchen

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An open-plan kitchen has the advantage of fostering a particularly sociable and family-friendly environment. Even if you have decided to go with an open floor plan, you still need to carefully consider how the room will be furnished and set up. Here are a few quick summaries of open-plan average kitchen size design concepts that may be used in both small and large homes.

Think about putting in a big central island

A huge centre island’s adaptability for a variety of uses is what makes it beautiful. A kitchen island adds functionality by combining a sturdy surface with cunningly hidden storage options. Choose pieces with a curved finish if you want to make the areas feel more connected. Additionally, you might be able to include recycle bins, electronic devices, or even a sink on your island.

A sizable kitchen island in the middle of the room transforms into the social center of the entire area whether hosting visitors or spending time with family. It’s where people congregate to speak, mix and consume drinks, or maybe just sit on bar stools for the duration.

Maximum natural lighting

When placed near floor-to-ceiling windows or full-height sliding patio doors, an open plan kitchen may be quite attractive. Choose light fixtures and fittings that as closely resemble natural light as possible in areas with limited access to it. The installation of skylights towards the rear of the kitchen is a growingly common trend for open floor plans with a one-story expansion.

Be certain the Transition is Smooth

Making sure there isn’t the impression that you have just taken down a wall from your house and left it at that is key to achieving a smooth flow. The goal of open plan living is to create a space that seems wide and open, thus removing as many visual interruptions as possible enhances that feeling. 

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Using the same flooring in each of the zones is one method to do this, thus considerable thought should be given to the choice of flooring. A cohesive appearance may also be created by employing a consistent basic color scheme throughout the connecting zones. You may tie the whole thing together by giving your kitchen cabinets a splash of color, or you can keep everything as neutral and quiet as you desire.

Put Functionality First

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the kitchen is primarily a workspace, necessitating an emphasis on utility. When choosing a plan for your kitchen and its primary components, keep the “working triangle” in mind.

Your objective is to minimize the distances between the sink, refrigerator, and cooker, which make up the working triangle. For instance, placing the refrigerator in the opposite corner of your kitchen from the stove may rapidly become uncomfortable. Make every effort to have everything you need in your kitchen within easy reach while utilizing it for practical purposes.

Pick Your Furniture Wisely 

When choosing furniture for an open-concept kitchen, make sure the pieces go well with both the kitchen and the adjacent area. Even while the leather sofa you’ve had your eye on would be perfect for your living room, it might not look great next to the kitchen. Again, the goal of an open floor plan is to unify the two rooms and provide a smooth transition between them. The goal is for everything to work in harmony with one another to create a single, beautifully styled area. 

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Using textiles will soften the area

Sometimes the calm atmosphere of an adjacent living room clashes with the kitchen’s basic operation. It is preferable to concentrate on softening the “hard edges” of the kitchen rather than hardening the living room when attempting to harmonize the two places.

Adding textiles to your kitchen is one easy yet efficient method to do this. For instance, a sizable floor rug may soften a harsh kitchen floor much like adding cushions to chairs or bar stools can make an area appear cozier. Forest Décor also offers unique seasonal products for wholesale purchasing . Wholesale Olivewood

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