AirportGuideRobot: LG relies on helping robots at airports in South Korea

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The Incheon International Airport brings passengers, among other things, to the Seoul metropolitan area and carries more than 40 million passengers annually. Accordingly, the area is also large. As a passenger, you can lose sight of the journey. So that no one is lost and everyone finds his gate in time, the Korean company LG has developed a special robot. The so-called Airport Guide Robot understands four languages, knows the current departure times and gates, and can accompany the passengers to the desired destination. The shops within the airport could also benefit: the robot can also lead customers to a specific shop.

Even business travelers are looking for the right gate at unknown airports. In the future, the robots from LG will help. Photo: LG


Communication with the robot should be intuitive

The simplest form of communication with the robot is to scan its boarding pass. Then the small helper provides all relevant information. Alternatively, however, the control can also take place via LC displays or a voice control. This is necessary if specific information is to be requested. Besides Korean, the robots also understand Chinese, Japanese and English. A large part of the world’s population should therefore be able to communicate with the technical helper. For the first time the robots were presented to the public at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now they will be used under real conditions and have to prove their abilities.

Cleaning robots should ensure clean floors

Previously, individual robots were specifically tested at Incheon Airport. The experience gained in this process led to a series of adjustments. If the technical assistance is well received by the passengers, it is conceivable to offer such a service also at other airports. The Asian region is a good place to live because the population is much more technologically active than it is here. Another innovation at Incheon airport, on the other hand, could make it faster to Germany: LG also uses a robotic robot. This is named Airport Cleaning Robot and does not have to communicate with the passengers, but rather performs its work unintentionally.




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