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AISites OTO Links Above –  What is AISites?

Using Open AI Technology, a Brand-New Website Can Be Created in 30 seconds or Less.

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AISites OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only AISites

AISites   – Text From This Video

Kevin here saying hello to everybody. There are some genuinely amazing applications of AI, and we’re going to look at five of them today. On this platform, I, for one, can instantly alter my voice. If I choose a region in a picture and then press the delete key, that region will be removed. Whoops, I lost track of my son. The machine can follow my commands, such as, “Write a song for the Kevin Cookie Company,” for example. Holy cow, that’s not bad at all! Is it too much to ask if the machine could also sing it to me? To both of our hearts’ delight, the Kevin Cookie Company has arrived. Some other instances we’ll examine today are the ones listed above. So, let’s have a look at these. First, we’ll check out a program called VoiceMod, which is a real-time voice-altering tool. The downloadable resource has been placed both here and at the top of the description. Voice actors record a massive amount of text for use in training models. Finally, you’ll be asked to talk into a microphone while your voice is instantly transformed into that of the actor.

Local OTO AIS Sites

Assuming you’ve followed the instructions to download and install VoiceMod, you’ll be met with the following user interface: Let’s start by clicking the “voice box” in VoiceMod’s upper left corner; this will reveal the wide variety of voices at your disposal. Here is where an actor was used to develop a model for the current beta-stage AI voices. Yes, let’s try out a few of these. Let me select the narrator by clicking on him or her here. All other cookies pale in comparison to those made by Kevin Cookie Company. Something said by such a credible source must be true. We need to hear what the alternative options sound like. It’s here that I’ll activate the pilot. I am your pilot, communicating to you today. The flight attendants will shortly be distributing delicious, freshly made cookies, and I just wanted to give you a heads-up. Character selection is available on the right side of the screen; the pilot has selected Michael. You may make Ellen anything you want her to be by giving her a feminine voice. Try out another person’s opinion. To illustrate, I’ll choose Alice. If you’re going to eat cookies, kids, eat them all.

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AIS Sites OTOs Linka

The amount of time you could spend experimenting with the many voices is practically infinite. The next topic will be utilizing cleanup. pictures to eliminate unwanted elements from photographs. I’ve arrived at the website, which allows you to easily remove unwanted elements from photos by dragging them into the desired location. I’m going to include a picture here of my son on top of a snowy hill. The standard definition (SD) version is free to use, whereas the high definition (HD) version requires payment. For this purpose, I will keep using SD. My son, standing proudly on this snowy peak, is now in clear view. The brush size is set below, and I only need to choose my son and highlight him. I’m going to select his full body and then let go of the mouse so the AI can do its thing. I mean, look at that! Some of the backdrops behind him has been restored, and he himself has vanished from the picture. If I click the button in the upper right, I can revert to the original shot, and if I click it again, I can return to the one where he was cropped out. It’s amazing in reality.

AISites Upsell and Downsell

This is rather remarkable, considering how quickly it was accomplished, despite a few minor difficulties with shadows and things. Certainly more convenient than Photoshop’s clone function. CapCut, a free video editing tool that leverages AI extensively, is up next. Simply selecting the backdrop and clicking the delete button will get rid of it. It’s even possible to improve your appearance. Those are only samples of the available options. How about we take a peek? You may download CapCut, a video editing program, at You may use CapCut directly in your browser on the website, or you can download it for Windows or Mac. Getting the app on your device is key to using it to its full potential. There is no cost at all. After you’ve installed CapCut and started a new project, you’ll be brought to this screen, where you may drop media files to begin editing them. I’m going to insert a video of myself here, move it to the timeline, and then play it back to the center. Here I’ll choose this clip, then in the upper right corner, I’ll go to video, then cut out, and finally, I’ll choose the auto cutout option to eliminate the backdrop.

AI Sites OTO Bonuses

I’m going to go ahead and select this, and it’s already working on the video. In this lab, incredible progress is being made in the field of artificial intelligence. With no need for a “green screen,” it effectively erased the previous scene. As I go around the room, the AI picks me out of the crowd. I can also import an image, which is quite cool. Well, then, how about this for a beautiful workplace scene? I’ll grab my video from the timeline and raise it to a newer layer so I can insert the image. Putting it on the bottom layer will allow me to easily adjust its size till it matches the duration of my film. See what happens now when I play it! Apparently, I’m in an entirely new place. Let me pull these levers to fill the whole screen with the image, and have a look. As before, there was absolutely no green screen. I’m impressed, to say the least. CapCut’s AI skills are so advanced that it can do much more than just remove the backdrop. My video is already open, so I’ll just go ahead and click the “enhance” button in the upper right corner.

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A Review of the AISites OTO Software

AI helps me pinpoint my face, and then I can utilize CapCut to draw a box around it so I can focus on certain areas for enhancement. Possibly I could make my skin softer and more supple, for instance. Also, I could just want to make my face seem better. It’s possible I’ll bleach my teeth. My other facial features would work just as well. My chin and the length/width of my face might be modified, for example. It would also be possible for me to change my hairstyle and put on some cosmetics in this area. What’s the point of getting plastic surgery, then? If you only ever appear in videos, you can fool anyone into thinking you look great. Make sure you watch the video above to learn even more advanced CapCut use techniques. OpenAI’s text models are up next for inspection. You may direct the computer to do something, and it will comply, and it will do an excellent job of it. For more information, please visit the aforementioned or linked-to pages. Here we are deposited into OpenAI’s sandbox. The left side of the screen has some initial setup instructions, while the right side contains the editable settings.

Evaluation of AIS Sites for Occupational Therapy

The option to select the AI model appears below. We have it now set to text-DaVinci-003. I’ve always wanted an AI to write me a song about the Kevin Cookie Company, so I’ll enter that as the command in the middle, and then we’ll hit the submit button down here. I mean, look at that! An official anthem for Kevin’s Cookies has been composed. Here’s a stanza that I won’t be singing but which sounds great in my brain, and below that is the chorus. Indeed, this is rock-solid. This may seem frivolous, but recent financial performance at the Kevin Cookie Company has been less than stellar, so I’d want to see if AI can help me improve things. Let me put in why the Kevin Cookie Company’s earnings fell short of projections, and then we can hit the send button. Wow. That seems to be a rather complete breakdown. This might be the result of a combination of causes, such as shifts in consumer preferences, more intense competition, or ineffective advertising. I think this reasoning holds water. This is the kind of resource I would have liked to have had in high school. In this instance, I’d want to inquire as to what would be an acceptable excuse to tell my instructor about my failure to do the assigned assignment. To find out, I’m going to hit “submit” here.

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The Opinions of AIS Sites on OTO

Forgive me for not being able to do my schoolwork. I wasn’t able to complete it since I was preoccupied with a family emergency. A family emergency is not something to be argued with. Wow, that’s a plausible justification. There’s a ChatGPT link down below if you want to have a conversation with the computer program. How about we try this out? Down below on ChatGPT, I may begin a chat with the AI; perhaps I’ll ask it for recommendations on interesting themes for YouTube videos. Wow, that’s a very deep reply. In what areas do you take the most pride? Where do your followers’ passions lie? Can you describe the content you hope to make? Wow, for an AI to reply so nicely to my query is impressive; if I wanted to, I could now continue our discussion here. Our last stop is Microsoft Excel. Microsoft has begun integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the ubiquitous software. Excel’s automated analysis of data is helpful because it might reveal patterns and trends that you would miss otherwise.

Sightings of AIS on OTO

Here My data for the Kevin Cookie Company’s sales are in Microsoft Excel, and I’m ready to analyze them, but I have no idea where to begin. Fortunately, I could just use my computer and some AI. Let’s begin by selecting the “home” tab in the top left corner and then selecting “analyze data” from the “insert/format” section of the ribbon on the far right. After clicking this, a new window appeared on the right side of the screen, giving me more space to work with my data. Instead of digging in and completing the analysis myself, I can now just ask Excel what it thinks of my data. In other words, how much money was made in total? We made a little less than $5 million when I entered that number here. Okay, that’s nice, but wait until you see this. The insights below are a product of Excel’s automated analysis of my data. Some of the best vistas I’ve seen so far have been here, and this one is particularly intriguing as I descend. Compared to the other flavors, chocolate chip has much greater sales. Wow, and I can even use a pivot chart in this presentation! To see all 18 results, I may also click the link that appears below. Insights into my data are revealed here that I didn’t see before and that I would never have come up with on my own. This capability is also available in Google Sheets. In Google Sheets, in the bottom right-hand corner, click on this button that says “Explore.” If you’re using Excel or Google Sheets, here is a great place to ask questions about the data, and the insights you’ve uncovered are shown in a variety of ways below. OK, so this barely touches the surface of the many goods that are beginning to integrate AI. If you can think of any additional great instances, please share them in the comments. I hope you enjoyed this video and will consider subscribing to see more content like this in the future.

Evaluating AI Sites

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