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AISites OTO Links Above –  What is AISites?

With the new Open AI technology, beautiful websites can be made automatically in just 30 seconds.

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Product Overview

AISites OTOs Details – All OTOs’ Links Above


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AISites OTO Links Above

Video review for Front End only AISites

AISites   – Text From This Video

Hello, my name is Kevin. We’ll examine five programs that make remarkable use of AI today. I like this place because I can instantly alter my voice. I can also choose a region of a picture and have it magically disappear. Where did I lose my son? I can also tell it to do something, like compose a song for the Kevin Cookie Company or whatever. Wow, that’s not bad at all. Is it too much to expect the computer to sing along with me? You and I are happy because of The Kevin Cookie Company. These are only a handful of the many illustrations we will examine in this article. Let’s have a look at them. First, we’ll check out a program called VoiceMod, which is a real-time voice-altering tool. The utility is available for download either above or below the description. They train models using voice actor recordings of various texts. Then you’ll be able to talk into a microphone and hear the actor’s voice reconstructed in real-time.

Local AIS Sites OTO

The VoiceMod user interface looks like this once the download and installation are complete: Let’s start by clicking the “voice box” in VoiceMod’s upper left corner; this will reveal the wide variety of voices at your disposal. Since all of the artificially intelligent voices are still in beta, this is where an actor was used to train the model. Okay, let’s try out a few of them. The narrator is the one I’ll select here.
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The cookies made by Kevin Cookie Company are unparalleled. When someone with that kind of credibility says anything, you know it must be true. Let’s see how these other opinions fare. I’ll activate the pilot by clicking here. This is your pilot reporting for duty, ladies and gentlemen. I just wanted to give you a heads-up that the flight attendants will shortly be bringing out some delicious, freshly made cookies. The pilot can also select his or her character on the right side of the screen. To further personalize Ellen, you might give her a feminine voice if you choose. Let’s try out another person’s opinion. Here, I’m going to go with Alice. Kids, please eat every last one of those cookies.

Connecting AIS with OTOs and Linka

You may spend hours listening to and imitating all the different voices. Next, we’ll take a look at utilizing cleanup. pictures to eliminate unwanted elements from images. I’ve arrived at the website, where you can just drag in an image to the location in which you’d like to erase an object. Inserting a photo of my son in front of a snowy peak. You could keep using the standard definition version at no cost, or you could pay to upgrade to the high definition version. I’m going to keep using SD for this purpose. I can now see my son in all his glory as he stands atop this snowy peak. I’ve already chosen the appropriate brush size below, so I only need to highlight my son. Now I’ll select his complete body with the mouse, let go when I’m done, and the AI will do its thing. Wow, look at that! He no longer appears in the picture, and the background behind him has been restored. This switch, located in the upper right corner, allows me to revert to the original shot or return to the one in which he was cropped out. It’s amazing to tell the truth.

AIUpsell AISites

Although there are some problems with shadows and such, this is rather remarkable considering how quickly it was done. It’s much easier than using Photoshop’s clone tool. The second software we’ll examine is called CapCut, and it’s a free video editing tool that incorporates AI in every step of the process. With a single click, you may get rid of the backdrop. Even your appearance is open to improvement. Those are only examples of functionality. Let’s check it out. Go to to get the CapCut video editing program. CapCut may be used online in a browser, or it can be downloaded for use on a Mac or PC. I suggest getting the app and using it to its full potential. It costs nothing at all. When you’ve finished setting up CapCut and are ready to begin a new project, you’ll be brought to this screen. Let me insert a video of myself here, drop it onto the timeline, and then fast-forward to the middle of the clip. Here I’ll make sure this clip is chosen, then in the upper right corner, I’ll go to video, then cut out, and finally, I’ll choose the auto cutout option to eliminate the backdrop.
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Payments for OTOs on AI Sites

I’ll start the video processing by clicking this. Look, right here is where they’re doing their amazing work with AI. Without using a green screen, it was able to successfully erase the backdrop. The AI has picked me out from the scenery. Now, one of the coolest features is that I can include an image. Here’s a wonderful photo of an office setting. I’ll raise the layer of the movie I want to insert the image into on the timeline. I’ll drop it into the bottom layer and adjust its size here till it matches the running time of my film. Now, have a look at what happens when I play it! My current location has changed dramatically. Here, let me pull these levers to fill the entire screen with the image. Again, there was absolutely no green screen. That’s really rather remarkable. CapCut offers several additional interesting AI features in addition to backdrop removal. I’m going to pick my clip and then go to the top right and select “enhance.”

Product Description of the AISites OTO

Here, I can use AI to pinpoint my face, and then CapCut will draw a box around it so that I can focus on certain areas for enhancement. Perhaps I should try to make my skin softer. Perhaps I just need to put a smile on my face. Or I could just get my teeth whitened. Other features of my face would also work for this purpose. My chin and facial length might be modified, among other features. I could also change my hairstyle and put on some makeup down here. Who then has a need for cosmetic surgery? As long as no one ever actually sees you in person, you may fake a flawless appearance on camera. Watch the video up top to learn even more advanced CapCut use techniques. The OpenAI text models will be examined next. The computer may be given commands and will act accordingly; in fact, it does these tasks rather competently. To learn more, please follow the aforementioned or subsequent links. With this, we enter OpenAI’s sandbox. We notice some initial setup instructions on the left and configuration options for various settings on the right.

AISites OTO Evaluation

You get to pick the AI version right here. Text-da Vinci-003 is the current setting. Instructions for this AI may be entered in the central box; because I’ve always wanted a song about the Kevin Cookie Company, I’ll write that in and then hit the “submit” button. Wow, look at that! The Kevin Cookie Company now has its own theme music! I won’t be singing this stanza in public, but it does have a catchy tune in my brain. The chorus follows below. Excellent work overall. We’ve lately had dismal financial results at the Kevin Cookie Company, so let’s see if the AI can assist me out there. Let me explain why the Kevin Cookie Company’s earnings fell short of projections here, and then we can hit the send button. Wow. That seems to cover most of the bases.
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This might be the result of a number of things, such as shifts in the food sector, more intense competition, or ineffective advertising. This seems like a reasonable justification. I wish I had something like this when I was in high school. Please explain to my teacher why I was unable to complete my assignment. I’m going to hit “submit” and see what comes up.

A Site for OTO Evaluations

I’m sorry I didn’t get my assignment done. I was unable to complete it since I was preoccupied with a family emergency. A family crisis is not something to be argued with. Indeed, that justification is really satisfactory. You may have a conversation with the AI by clicking the ChatGPT link down below. Let’s put this to the test. I can begin a dialogue with the AI right here on ChatGPT; for example, I could ask it what it thinks would make for interesting YouTube videos. Wow, that’s a very in-depth reply. Where do your interests lie? In what ways can you best serve your audience? In other words, what is it that you plan to make? Wow, for an AI to respond so thoughtfully to my query is amazing; now, I can choose whether or not to continue the dialogue below. Finally, we’ll take a peek at Excel by Microsoft. It’s a widely used application, and Microsoft has just begun including AI features. Excel’s built-in analysis and visualization tools can help you draw conclusions from data you may have overlooked.

Isotopes AIS

I’ve opened up Microsoft Excel with the Kevin Cookie Company’s sales data ready for analysis, but I have no idea where to begin. Thankfully, I could just use my computer and some AI. Let’s begin by going to the top left corner of the screen and selecting the home tab, then navigating to the analyze data option on the far right side of the ribbon. The data analysis window on the right-hand side of the screen has opened. Now I can ask Excel questions about my data without really having to go in and perform the analysis myself. How much, for instance, was the overall income? When I entered that number, I saw that our profit was somewhat less than $5 million. That’s wonderful, but wait until you see this. Below, Excel also provides me with instantaneous insights based on my data. As I make my way down, I am treated to some beautiful scenery. The chocolate chip variety outsells all others by a wide margin. Wow, and I can even include a pivot chart here! The option to view all 18 results is also available below.Even more intriguing insights within my data are shown here, many of which I had not before considered. You can accomplish the same things with Google Sheets. The “Explore” button may be found in the upper right corner of Google Sheets. If you’re using Excel or Google Sheets, you can ask questions about the data here, too, and in the results shown below, you’ll find a wide variety of insights. Now, we haven’t even begun to touch on the whole breadth of goods that are beginning to include AI, but you get the idea. Leave a comment if you can think of any additional great instances. Please consider subscribing if you like this video and want to see more like it.

AISites Evaluations

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