All Important Exercises To Build Your Chest Muscles

All Important Exercises To Build Your Chest Muscles
All Important Exercises To Build Your Chest Muscles
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There more than enough exercises to build your chest. If you add up all the compound and isolation exercises, there are dozens of ways you can hit your chest pecs to build your chest. That said, we are going to discuss some chest exercises that you can do at any stage of working out career.

From mass builders, to hitting a certain portion of your chest muscle, these chest workouts will help you a lot during your workout. That doesn’t mean you have to keep these exercises in your chest exercise routine, be sure to mix them up.

However, depending on your body and how is your chest naturally built, your body may respond differently to chest exercises compared to someone else. Your height, and body shape plays a big role in how your muscle is going to be affected by a certain exercise, so you must find the right solution for yourself.

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All in all, you cannot hope to accomplish the results you desire without a proper balanced diet. Keep your macros calculated and take a consistent and fulfilling diet.

Now, without further ado, here are our top 5 chest-building exercises, ranked in no particular order.

1. Barbell Bench Press

A great starter exercise for your chest workout routine. Once you have all warmed up, you can give this one a go. Barbell bench press provides a much more controlled motion compared to dumbbell press as your hands a fixated on a single position and if you are in control of the weight, the barbell will not move. This provides better control and you can keep the balance of the barbell in check.

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Just start of with a single set of higher repetition and then go about with 2 sets of heavy lifting and 2 sets where you can easily carve out 10-12 reps.

2. Bench Dumbbell Press

Dumbbells always provide a great solution when you want to get away from barbells as the exercise may seem very much similar but with dumbbells you can achieve slightly more and different results. As with dumbbells your stabilizer muscles come into play, both of your hands are working separately so it requires more focus and you have to sync the strength in both arms. Also, with dumbbells you have a much larger range of motion so you can hit more parts of your chest.

While you are doing flat bench press, it is better to do a inclined dumbbell press otherwise both exercises will be too similar. Similarly when you start off with inclined bench press you can move to flat bench dumbbell press.

3. Dips For Chest

If you are running tired of lifting dumbbells and barbells, dips would seem to be a great alternative. It can also work as a great finisher for chest exercise. Just make sure you are doing dips to hit the chest part of your body. All you have to do is lean forward with your legs up and elbows keep out your elbows.

I usually start of my chest exercise with dips, the repetitions are always high at start to get my blood moving in and around the chest area. Later on, I end up my chest exercise with 2-3 sets of dips, squeezing out as many dips as possible.

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4. Incline Bench Cable Fly

Fly exercise for chest has always been one my favourites. After you are done with the compound workouts, it is better to hit your chest muscle in isolation. You can do this with dumbbells as well but cable fly gives a little bit more control and you can keep the width of your arms, when you open them, in check. Whether inclined or flat, this works on both and you can actually hit your chest area perfectly with this exercise.

Do incline cable flyes at the end of your workout for slightly higher reps (sets of 10-12). If you’re training with a partner, do a few dropsets for some real masochistic, muscle-building fun!

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5. Seated Machine Chest Press

It is a great exercise to hit your chest area in isolation and usually with different grips, you can target the upper part of your chest and also the inner part of the chest. On machine press, your deltoids aren’t under much pressure like when they are during other chest exercises. This allows you to hit your chest pecs with more force.

In your workout, you can do this exercise in between your exercises or at the end of the chest workout. Make sure that you squeeze out more reps with this one (in the range of 10-12), especially if you have lifted quite heavy in the previous ones.

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That said, there are other chest exercises that you can use to hit your chest from different direction. Like the cable crossover is quite beneficial and provides more control compared to cable fly. Then you have the decline press if you want to move your chest up a bit. There are quite a lot of chest exercises, all you have to do is find the right one for you.

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