All You Need to Know about Edibles and a Peaceful Night Sleep

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With more and more people facing sleepless nights in this fast-paced lifestyle, the use of edibles has become quite common throughout the world. According to the Sleep Foundation, insomnia is the cause of 70% of cannabis consumption. Cannabis plants provide the compounds present in edibles that are responsible for the effects they have on the human body.

Stress, as well as poor sleeping and eating habits are the major contributing factors to insomnia for which edibles seem to be the magic bullet. But is it really worth the hype? Read on to uncover facts about edibles, the correct usage, and the risks associated with them.

What makes up edibles?

Edibles are simply a gateway for the actual compound, cannabinoid, to get into the body. These might be capsules, gummies, or other food products ingested with a certain amount of cannabinoid that people eat for various sanative reasons. The most common edibles for sleep-related issues are baked goods.

But what are cannabinoids? These are amalgamations derived from cannabis plants. Indica and Sativa are two such plants. Even though various cannabinoids have been discovered, these three are the most common.

  1. CBD: This is short for cannabidiol and is derived from the hemp plant. While it has shown to be the most effective for child epilepsy syndromes, some studies suggest that it can also treat anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, and addiction.
  2. THC: Short for tetrahydrocannabinol, this one is the intoxicating version of cannabinoids that can be consumed by smoking cannabis. It eases migraine and reduces nausea. It is recommended to use this cannabinoid with caution and intention as one may become addicted to it.
  3. CBN: This is a lesser elated version of cannabis known as cannabinol and is produced by the oxidation of THC. It is a powerful sedative with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties.
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Due to lower amounts of THC in Indica plants, they are known to be soothing and calming while Sativa plants are known for giving a high to the consumer due to higher amounts of THC.

Can Edibles Make You Sleep?


The short answer is: yes, edibles can help you sleep. But to use these magical compounds to mitigate the problem of tossing and turning in bed with no sign of sleep, you need to understand how they work.

Our body naturally contains cannabinoid receptors throughout different organs (including the lungs and brain) and is capable of producing its own natural equivalents of cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. The number of these receptors surpasses other types of receptors in our brain and they act as regulators of our mood and other feelings such as pain and appetite.

So, when a person takes in cannabinoids in the form of edibles, they interact with these receptors that send out signals to increase the level of sleep-inducing compounds. Consequently, this puts the brain in sedation and helps you sleep. 

How to Use Edibles for Sleep?

There is definitely a wrong way when it comes to consuming anything for medical or health purposes. Not knowing the correct dosage, timings, and rules for edibles can sabotage your results or worse, completely reverse the effects. Here are some tips that can help you get started on the right foot.

Eat some food before edibles

Consuming cannabinoids on an empty stomach has been reported to have varied effects on different bodies. Some consider it better while others feel uncomfortable symptoms. 

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If you are new to the world of cannabinoids, taking in your edibles on an empty stomach may result in faster high and make you feel like vomiting. Hence, it is a good idea to eat some food before the edibles, preferably just before sleeping if your primary motivation for eating edibles is insomnia.

Be informed

For first time cannabis consumers, it is quite easy to go overboard if there is a lack of knowledge. These compounds may take instant effect on some people but others might have to wait at least an hour (sometimes several) for the effects to kick-in. So, eat just one and wait, instead of exaggerating the dose.

Take baby steps

Initially, start with half a dose, i.e., 2.5 mg and gradually increase it to doses between 20-30 mg to heal insomnia. Doses larger than 100 mg are meant for experienced users looking to relieve extreme physical pain and medical conditions such as cancer.

Don’t hide it

Once you ingest cannabinoids in your body, you are bound to get high, at least to some extent. Before starting, take a friend (or anyone you trust) onboard so they can look out for you. There is no way to know how a particular body will react to edibles so it is better to have some support.

Don’t make it a habit 

Too much of anything is always bad. Consuming edibles solves various problems, but making them a habit can result in worsening insomnia and causing more sleepless nights. Cannabinoids may not be fatal but when taken to the extreme, consumers may feel symptoms of health complications and addiction.

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Potential Side Effects of Edibles

Eating edibles ingested with the right dosage of cannabinoids is unlikely to cause any severe harm but it may have some side effects that are better to know in advance. Edibles may cause:

  1. Anxiety, fear, pain, and confusion
  2. Change in appetite and weight
  3. Nausea and vomiting
  4. Digestion and respiration issues
  5. Increased insomnia
  6. Hallucinations 
  7. Addiction to cannabis and marijuana

A word of caution; edibles containing 50-100 mg of cannabinoids are not recommended for people dealing with mental health issues.

The Final Verdict 

Edibles are useful for a number of reasons including sleep, chronic pain, and cancer-related problems without being too intoxicating if consumed in the right amounts, the right way.

Even though edibles are not fatal, it is better to keep an eye on the amounts of cannabinoids present in the food items, especially when purchasing online without a prescription. Visit our store for a wide range of cannabis-infused edibles with the right dosage for your concern. 

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