All You Need to Know About Emerald Stone

All You Need to Know About Emerald Stone
All You Need to Know About Emerald Stone
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Emerald stone (Panna) is a highly sought-after gemstone for ornamental and astrological purposes. It holds significant value for its beauty, rarity, and astrological benefits.

The finest and most desirable options include Colombian, Zambian, Brazilian, and Ethiopian Emeralds. Some popular Emerald gemstone mines are Muzo Mine, Chivor, Panjshir, and Swat Valley. 

They belong to the Beryl mineral family. The presence of Chromium and Vanadium gives them their alluring green color. The slight blue tint results from the Iron content. Learn about the stone’s meaning, properties, compatibility, and wearing ritual on this blog. There’s everything you need to know straight from the experts. 

In this Blog: 

  1. What does Emerald Stone Symbolize? 
  2. Tips to Remember When Choosing Emerald Stone 
  3. Top Benefits of Emerald Stone 
  4. Who Can Wear Emerald Gemstone? 
  5. How to Wear Emerald? 

What does Emerald Stone Symbolize? 

The rare and beautiful Emerald symbolizes truth, love, fidelity, eloquence, wit, and foresight. For some cultures, it denotes royalty, luxury, and status symbols. It is known as the “King of Jewels”, which serves as a May birthstone. As per popular beliefs, wearing the stone can bring growth, fortune, peace, and balance. 

Tips to Remember When Choosing Emerald Stone 

Choosing high-quality gemstones is an art that you can master. All you need is to learn the factors determining quality. There are lab-created and natural Emeralds in the market. When selecting the best, remember a natural stone will have inclusions and impurities. Lab-grown stones are almost flawless with complete transparency, which makes them synthetic. 

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To ensure you’re investing in the right Emerald, consider the following tips. 


The gemstone’s origin plays a significant role in determining its quality and value. Colombian Emeralds are of the highest quality, mined in Muzo, Chivor, and Coscuez mines. Other desirable locations are Zambia, Brazil, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia, Madagascar, and Nigeria. Ask your seller where they source their Panna from and choose accordingly. 

Remember the four C’s 

  • Color: The more saturated the stone’s color, the better the quality. When choosing Panna, make sure to pick a bright, uniform green color gem. Most emeralds either have a blue or a yellow tint. But the most desirable ones are pure green, which is not too light or too dark. 
  • Clarity: Eye-clean emeralds are exceptional and hard to find. They usually come with natural inclusions, fissures, and spots. These imperfections are okay if they don’t affect the stone’s beauty. The inclusions in emerald gems are often referred to as “Jardins,” meaning garden in French. 
  • Carat: A big emerald stone is difficult to find and expensive. Some astrologers suggest wearing one carat for every twelve kilograms of body weight. A person weighing 60 kg should wear a five-carat stone (60 KG/12 = 5 Carats). 
  • Cut: A cut can influence the gemstone’s value. Panna stone is challenging to cut, but once executed well, it can make it costlier. A better cut will reflect light effortlessly. Rectangular cuts are the most popular, followed by oval, round, princess, pear, etc. 


Heat and oil treatments are common techniques used to enhance a stone’s appearance. The majority of them receive these treatments, but not all. There are five levels of oil treatments as follows – 

  • no surface-reaching fissures present 
  • no oil or insignificant 
  • minor treatment 
  • moderate treatment 
  • significant treatment 
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No oil Emeralds are the rarest and have high value in the marketplace. 

Certified Gemstones 

A government-recognized organization, such as the GIA, must certify the gemstone seller. The market is full of fraudsters who may deal in fake or synthetic stones at genuine emerald prices. So, ensure you consider minute details before making the final buy. Visit the gem dealer’s website to check for certifications. 

Reputed Seller 

Remember to deal with reliable sellers when buying precious stones. See if they provide you with the product’s documents, certificates, and proper knowledge. The buyer and seller must be authentic and transparent with each other. Authenticity and transparency are in the best interest of both parties. 

Top Benefits of Emerald Stone 

According to Vedic astrology, Emerald is a powerful gemstone with healing properties and benefits. Mercury (Budh) is its ruling planet, which has a huge influence over people’s lives. Because of its connection to the planet, it is also known as “Budh Ratna.” Let’s see how wearing a Panna is beneficial. 

Health Benefits 

  • Emeralds are excellent for boosting physical healing. Wearing it can improve immunity and help fight off various diseases. 
  • It can promote healing of the liver, spine, eyes, and skin by reducing inflammation. 
  • It can help ease respiratory and heart-related conditions. 
  • It can also balance hormones. 
  • It is great for enhancing fertility and vitality in females. 

Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Benefits 

  • Wearing a Panna stone can relax the body, mind, and senses. 
  • The stone’s green color is soothing, which helps with stress, anxiety, and depression. 
  • It can enhance concentration and offer mental clarity. 
  • It is an ideal gemstone for people struggling with mental disorders like ADHD. 
  • It is also excellent for opening blocked heart chakra and enhancing spiritual growth and awareness. 
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Professional Benefits 

  • Wearing a Panna can improve oration and communication skills. 
  • It is an ideal stone if you desire financial growth, stability, and opportunities. 
  • Wear it for intellectual, financial, and creative ventures. 
  • This stone is the best if you work in banking, finance, accounting, share market trading, etc. 

Who Can Wear Emerald Gemstone? 

Gemstones are full of mystical properties and benefits but aren’t beneficial to all. If wearing it for astrological purposes, we advise consulting an expert. Its effects can soon change from positive to negative if worn by an unsuitable zodiac native. Here’s who can wear emeralds. 

  • Numerology: According to numerology, the number 5 represents Mercury, the planet associated with emerald gems. 
  • Vedic Astrology: Vedic astrology suggests Panna to Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn signs. People with a weak Mercury position in their horoscope can wear it after consultation. 
  • Chakra Healing: People with blocked heart chakras can wear emeralds to open and balance them. It can help heal emotions as well as the physical heart. 

How to Wear Emerald? 

Expert astrologers suggest wearing an emerald ring or pendant in the following manner – 

Auspicious Day Wednesday 
Best Time Between 5:00 – 7:00 AM 
Best Metal  Gold or Silver 
Ideal Finger Little finger or as recommended by astrologer 
Mantra “Om Budhaye Namha/ॐ बुधाय नमः” for 108 times” 

Emerald stone, also known as Panna, is undoubtedly a unique, fascinating, and stunning gemstone. From its origin and diverse benefits to wearing procedure, we’ve covered its complete essence. Now armed with Emerald’s knowledge, you are ready to embrace its blessings. Whether you’re seeking its beauty or healing properties, it is a GemsRoot pleasure to help you explore the timeless treasure. 

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