Amici Consultancy one Stop Gateway for all kind of Restaurant Needs

Amici Consultancy one Stop Gateway for all kind of  Restaurant Needs

Amici Consultancy one Stop Gateway for all kind of  restaurant Need

Amici Consultants

“It is every aspiring restaurateur’s dream to set up a gorgeous restaurant. But, conceptualizing a restaurant that will be a complete go-to for customers has a great number of strings attached. Every aspect of the restaurant business needs to be molded from the word go, starting right from the foundation of the idea to consistent management after the grand opening. While this is all easier said than done, handling all the requirements simultaneously can be a tedious task for the restaurateur and his crew. So, what if these tasks could be handled and served on a silver platter by a team of professionals? Amici Consultants does just that – and more ” Says the Founding Team Amici Consultants. 

The Birth of Amici Consultants

It was founded in 2016, by a team of three entrepreneurs who were essentially dipped and pickled in the hospitality industry. Amici Consultancy is a restaurant consultancy company that specializes in both launching restaurant start-ups, as well as jump-starting an existing brand that is struggling in any way. Our team has an overflowing passion for concept development that drives our clients’ businesses to grow with success. It is this passion that inspires our consulting practice – an outcome of 2 years of triumphantly helping aspiring and existing businesses through every aspect possible. From successful concept development, attractive restaurant design, financial modeling and menu construction to fruitful marketing, training and the grandiose opening, we’ll do it all. We consider it to be our ardent duty to materialize our client’s vision into tangible reality and later, joyously celebrate their undisputed success.

Our Work Ideology

We, at Amici Consultants, believe the cornerstone of our brand to constantly be innovation and consistent efficiency in the foodservice industry. We are a premier restaurant consulting firm, operating with an ensemble of restaurant management professionals, whose ideas thrive with innovation, in turn creating self-sustainable brands that pull in top-notch sales. Our module for efficiency, at the same time, procures effective strategies to exponentially increase our client’s bottom-line profits.

The Talented Ensemble at Amici Consultants

The three brains behind Amici Consultants have always had the allure of entrepreneurship. After decades of cumulative experience in hospitality, it was only natural for them to direct their passion towards what they so love doing.

Here is how they are individual pillars to Amici Consultants:

Pratik Bhavsar – This one is a zealous color in our palette, whose expertise is vital to our operations and success. With a vast experience of 14 years in a plethora of fields like finance, operations, retail and trading with a specialization in leasing. Pratik is a foodie of gigantic proportions, an attribute that contributes to our cause all the more. He takes care of the administration slice of the pie along with the leasing assistance and client relations.

Rohit Sharma – Rohit has an experience of a whopping 17 years in the hospitality industry. He is another one who was destined to be in the foodservice industry and has certainly not just stumbled upon today’s success. He has an immense experience in services like mall management, multi-chain food franchisees and bar outlets in multiple countries like Dubai, Singapore, Bahrain, and India. He was also an area general manager for Harry’s, Singapore, which is a huge intercontinental chain. His expertise in a Five Star was mapped during his time in Hyatt as well.

Sachin Chand – He’s the culinary expert, whom we absolutely cannot do without. Sachin has had an experience in the industry as a chef for more than a decade at multiple outlets, cruise liners, and the ITC group. He has worked with the unique art of molecular gastronomy, a skill that is newly introduced in India and is still under experimentation. A creative soul with a passion to thrive at everything that he does, Sachin is an asset to our organization.

What we provide

Project alignment – The client’s vision and ideas are discussed along with the designing of the menu, service model, the probable launch location, and décor ideas. These are to be designed around the needs, budget and time to ensure a successful launch.

Research – We create and compare a list of concepts to analyze on the Discovery Tour in a chosen environment, which could either be the client’s home market or a saturated competitive market.

Discovery Tour – The Discovery Tour comprises of the market survey and concept analysis which is completed within a designated number of days. This process jots down the best market practices along with the industry failures for any idea at hand. The requirement of the customers and market opportunities are identified in this module.

Strategy – In this brand positioning session, we instill in the group the insights of the Discovery Tour, while brainstorming the look and feel of the concept. The strategy for everything is jotted down right from the menu design and pricing, to the equipment needs and space requirements.


– Concept Book

This image loaded book helps the client visualize the food and beverage plan, facility direction, service approach, business goals, a narrative journey of the guest and other details that set the concept in a different dimension than the others.

Financial Pro Forma

This is the financial plan to derive the concept’s financial feasibility, budget strategy, breakeven analysis, equipment costs in the market, profitability and other key considerations.

– Business Plan

This is made by bringing together the concept book and the financial plan that deals with the market opportunity, brand culture, marketing framework, future long-term growth plan and other considerations for business.

– Space Plan

It is a prototype drawing of the space allocations to determine the space availability and the number of seats to be allocated. It gives an idea of the space required and so that the team can start the location discussions along with the lease negotiations.

Challenges faced by the Amici team

While there are a number of challenges that they may face and brave against, the current market and real estate availability are the most tedious challenges of them all.

Portfolio and future projects

With strong business strategies like these, it is not a surprise that our clients have been ecstatic about the results that we have procured for them. We have built a monument of loyalty for our clients across all of India. We have had 10 projects in the past, all which were successfully handed over to our clients, later. There were 7 projects in Ahmedabad, while there were 3 in Baroda. We have 5 more ongoing projects currently under our wing. Amici Consultants is helping its business partners build a path to becoming multi-outlet chains through either QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) and Franchisees.

“Every skill you possess had a learning curve. Business consultation, too, has its own set of challenges, but with our team’s tireless efforts, our growth is omnidirectional and consistent”, Says The Founding Team

EXCLUSIVE: Founder’s advice to budding entrepreneurs

“Life is short, stay addicted to it.”

Amici Consultancy one Stop Gateway for all kind of  Restaurant Needs

website: www.amiciconsultants.com

Contact number : +91-9896152434



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