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AMZ Formula
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The revamped AMZ Formula course teaches you how to profit from the Amazon FBA business model.

We will review AMZ Formula course contents and the sales funnel that the program is sold via.

It is a high ticket training course built around selling products on Amazon. You are taught how to source products and send them over to Amazon to sell on your behalf.

I go into more detail in my AMZ Formula review video.

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AMZ Formula Review

AMZ Formula is the training course sold via the AMZTogether webinar sales funnel, hosted on ClickFunnels.

Joshua Crisp is the create of the program that teaches clients how to make use of Amazon FBA.

This is where you source products for cheap from China and send them to Amazon to sell on your behalf.

It is similar to the dropshipping ecommerce business model used by EcomBabe, but instead of having a dropshipping company to fulfil the order Amazon does everything for you.

AMZ Formula Marketing Training

AMZ Formula does not just expect you to send the products to Amazon and sit back.

Joshua Crisp teaches you how to promote your Amazon listing using methods such as Google search rankings, keyword targeting, social media, and paid advertising.

The combination of the built-in Amazon trust and audience, with you doing your own marketing to promote the listing is bound to be a winner when done properly.

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I talk about this same business model in other recent posts about Rapid Profit Package, Big Money Connection and Capture Your Wealth.

AMZ FBA Tips and Tricks

Amazon’s FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) program is a great way for businesses to outsource their fulfillment needs. However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using this service. Here are some tips to help you make the most of Amazon FBA:

1. Understand the fees involved. There are several fees associated with Amazon FBA, including storage, fulfillment, and shipping fees. Make sure you understand all of the fees before using the service.

2. Choose your products carefully. Not all products are eligible for Amazon FBA. Make sure you check the eligibility requirements before selecting products to sell through the program.

3. Plan for success. Make sure you have a solid plan in place for how you will use Amazon FBA to grow your business. This includes knowing your target market, having a marketing strategy, and having a good understanding of the fulfillment process.

4. Be prepared for seasonality. Most businesses experience some seasonality in their sales, and this is especially true for businesses that rely on Amazon FBA for fulfillment. Plan ahead and stock up on inventory to avoid disruptions in your business during peak times.

AMZ Formula Review Summary

In summary of this review of AMZ Formula, I like the way the sales funnel has been put together by Joshua Crisp on the AMZTogether website.

It goes straight to the point and asks for the $997 product cost upfront, rather than via the backend of a lower ticket sales funnel.

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The high price point will put some people off, but $997 is much cheaper than some of the $5,000 training programs that I see sold nowadays.

For those looking to get started with Amazon FBA and learn how to find the best products to sell, will gain a lot of value from this training.

I also like the look of the added community support and also the marketing strategies taught to help you promote your Amazon listings.

However, the profit margins can be quite low with Amazon so lots of care in getting the right products at the right price will be needed.

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