An X Glitch Is Breaking Native Images, Links Posted Before December 2014

An X glitch is breaking native images, links posted before December 2014
An X glitch is breaking native images, links posted before December 2014
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25 August 2023, Bengaluru, India

Before December 2014, links and images published using the social network’s native service appeared to have broken on X, formerly known as Twitter.

A few people assumed over the weekend that pictures, including the well-known Oscar selfie, had been removed from the service. Other individuals drew attention to the fact that the server still had the photographs. The Oscar selfie at least appears to be back in embeds. However, much of the media and links still need to be included.

According to X’s Developer Documentation (via The Verge), the platform began displaying thumbnails for images, GIFs, and links in 2016. The emergence of such tweet information, however, “began emerging” in December 2014.

“The improved URL enrichment was implemented in July 2016. The HTML title and description of a website are included in the Tweet payload in this improved version, along with operators for matching them. These metadata became accessible with Historical Power Track in July 2016. This metadata started to appear with the Search APIs in December 2014,” the documentation states.

This explains why links and images published via Twitter’s native service before December 2014 are currently broken. Reddit commenters hypothesized that the company’s attempt to move its servers to may have caused this glitch.

Elon Musk and CEO Linda Yaccarino haven’t commented on this flaw, among other corporate executives. After Musk said that the firm intended to eliminate the option to block users and replace it with a new iteration of the mute feature, the platform has been controversial over the past few days.

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