Angel investors invest $100K in Lawyered
Angel investors invest $100K in Lawyered

Angel investors invest $100K in Lawyered

Recently, Lawyered, a Delhi-based Legal tech start-up fetched an angel funding for $100,000 (nearly 75 lakhs) from a group of potential investors including Ratish Pandey (Ex-General Manager at Bose Corporation), Pramendra Tomar (Group General Counsel at Apollo International Limited), Sumit Aggarwal (Owner at Rainbows) and Munish Bhatia (Ex GM and CSC at IAC).

Lawyered was founded in 2017 by Ashish Bhatia and Himanshu Gupta with only 11-50 employees as a legal-tech discovery stage which was once a part of India’s Accelerator’s Summer 2018 Cohort, with the objective to benefit companies, business owners, start-ups and individuals who are in search of legal help to connect to a legal professional. The company also assists legal professionals or lawyers in their online and offline outreach by empowering them to reach out to more and more clients in the competitive market. The company benefits the users to develop relations with the finest professionals in the market who can assist efficiently in both personal and professional journey.

The company in a report mentioned that because of their zero service charges and zero commission, their value proposition in the market has always been honest, unique and transparent to everyone in search.

Commenting on the investment, Himanshu Gupta, Founder, and CEO of Lawyered mentioned that the major arena which Lawyered is focusing on right now is the transformation of numerous businesses when it comes to hunting for lawyers in the market. The number of internet users is increasing rapidly and thus the consumer demand through the means of the internet is creating a huge change in the way a person finds a lawyer. Now methods like word-of-mouth and personal connections are fading away and are not considered long-lasting. This is why Lawyered has been introduced in the market where the company aims to add good value to its users. The inspiring comeback from the side of the industry and the investors shows the importance of the functions of Lawyered and how it contributes efficiently to the world of business. 

Before Lawyered, Himanshu founded InCourt which is a legal news app that chooses relevant news articles from numerous reliable sources and judgments from diverse courts of India and then presents all the information and legal updates to the reader in nearly 60 crisp words in simple understandable language for all.

With this successful investment, the budding company wishes to efficiently strengthen the company position in the legal-tech industry and extend its client relationships. The company also desires to utilize the funds to back up product development, market growth, and expansion and also fuel additional partnerships and collaborations in the coming future.

Right now, the company is working hard to expand its operations as compared to its competitors in the market like VakilSearch, Nyaaya, LawRato, NearLaw, LegalDesk, E-Weblog and many more.

Recently, numerous angel investors have been investing good in the legal start-up sector like for instance LegalKart, a Gurugram-based legal tech start-up fetched an investment of nearly $4,90,000 in a seed round. LegalKart has been benefiting lawyers in conveying responsibilities and synchronizing calendars to increase their efficiency. They also offer elements like client management, team management, financial management, and document management.



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