Anisha Dixit ( Rickshawali): Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography and More
Anisha Dixit ( Rickshawali): Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography and More

Anisha Dixit (Rickshawali): Wiki, Age, Height, Family, Biography and More

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Anisha Dixit is an actor who like all came to Mumbai in search of opportunities but unlikely couldn’t find her breakthrough in Bollywood. One day while traveling in an auto-rickshaw to meet her friend, she was clicking selfies and making videos which later on she found very interesting. That made her wonder why not use an auto-rickshaw as a backdrop for her videos and selfies as auto-rickshaw represents India big time. She uploaded her first video on 17th November 2017 like a Ram Leila movie. She began shooting around rickshaws by inviting nearly 20-30 rickshaw wala Bhaiyas.

This Rickshawali girl is popular with a girl-centric comedy channel on YouTube where she uploads videos of her day-to-day activities along with sketches and funny Vlogs every Tuesdays and Fridays. Before creating her YouTube channel, she was an actress in numerous films and theatre productions in Switzerland, the USA, India, and Germany. She completed her studies at the LeeStrasberg Theatre & Film Institute in Los Angeles, California. She is fluent in English, German, Hindi and also semi-fluent in French.

Why this name?

She kept her name literally while traveling in a Rickshaw. Knowing the fact that there are tons of Rickshawala’s and no Rickshawali is what inspired her to start her YouTube page. Her ultimate goal is to humor individuals and make them laugh wholeheartedly.

Her vision

Anisha strongly desires to inspire the Indian youth to be strong, confident and work hard towards achieving their dream. She wants to make people around her laugh and wants to portray that even girls can be chill and can accomplish everything they dream of if they put their will and determination into it strongly. She creates all her content for all the 10 to 35-year olds.

Image : Anisha Dixit
Name Anisha Dixit
Nickname Ani
Vocation Actress and YouTuber
Height 5’6’’
Weight 54 Kgs
Figure 30-28-34
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Date of Birth 17 January 1991
Age 28 years
Place of Birth Germany
Sun sign Capricorn
Hometown Switzerland
Currently residing in Mumbai, India
Educational qualification Diploma in Acting
Debut YouTube: How to go crazy in Bhopal (2015)
Religion Hinduism
Hobbies Doing nail art, dancing and singing
Favourite food items Cheese and chocolate
Brands she has worked for Whisper, Flipkart, Venus, Foreo, Head & Shoulders, B612 App and many others.
Favourite YouTuber iJustine (YouTube Techky who talks about games and other technical stuff on YouTube)
Favourite beverage Coffee
Favourite chocolate Duplo
Favourite superhero Batman
Favourite colors White and Pink
Favourite cartoons German: Duck Tales
Favourite songs This is what you came for (Rihanna ft. Calvin Harris) and Light It Up (Major Laser)
Favourite destinations Mexico, Spain and Goa
Favourite Pet Dog
Marital status Single
Instagram followers 278 k followers
Twitter followers 25.9 k followers (Nov, 2013)
Facebook followers 692,974 people follow and 603,959 people like her profile
Net worth $200 Thousand to $2 million dollars

Anisha works really hard and is proud of everything she creates. She devotes a lot of love and passion for each of her videos. Her favorite video of all times is the song called Period – The Musical which she made 4 years ago. She made that video with a lot of courage and confidence because during those times people never spoke openly about Taboo topics.


She debuted her acting career with a Punjabi movie titled Punjab Bolda which was released in 2013. She was also associated with Karim Jovian who was featured in one of her videos “American tries Indian Chaat – Pani Puri for the first time”.

With a huge YouTube fan base of 2.33M subscribers, she has performed LIVE on stage for a huge audience at the YouTube fan fest 2018 and has also be featured on CNN Business, with a worldwide telecast. Apart from presenting a talk at TEDx, she has also been published in numerous publications including Mumbai Mirror, Cosmopolitan, Bombay Times, India Today and Harper’s Bazaar.

Image : Anisha Dixit with her Mother

Videos are a good means to spread the message

Anisha strongly believes that one way to break such taboos is by actively talking about it in the area. We need to make it a part of our daily routine so that it cannot be considered as a taboo anymore.

Video Credit/Source : Rickshawali

Her advice to young and new YouTubers

She strongly emphasizes that you shouldn’t wait and should always go for it. If someone has something interesting to share then they should always grab a phone and make a video that instant.

So, if you are already inspired and are ready for a fun and joy ride onto her Global Ricksha then just go subscribe to her channel and connect with her to get inspired.

  • Snapchat ID: Rickshawali



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