Anxious to Visit the Orthodontist? Tips to Relieve Stress Before Your Appointment

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Anxiety is a common emotion that patients feel before visiting an orthodontist. Orthodontics treatments include orthognathic treatments, mini implants, applying braces, Invisalign, retainers, headgear as well as teeth removal. The thought of getting these procedures done may cause severe anxiety in the patients in question, a condition known as odontophobia. Experiencing these feelings is normal and can be remedied by careful preparation. 

Here are some tips to help remove odontophobia-related anxiety:

What to Expect in an Orthodontics Appointment

A regular appointment includes a thorough examination of your tooth structure and movement by your orthodontist. They will determine whether the orthodontics treatment prescribed is an appropriate solution to your problem.

The First Orthodontic Appointment

The first orthodontic appointment may cause you emotional stress due to the uncertainty of what to expect. Having accurate information on what happens will help alleviate the nervousness you might experience. You will begin by filling out some paperwork regarding your dental and medical history.

Your orthodontist may start with an evaluation to determine the best treatment to improve your smile. The evaluation includes taking complimentary photographs and x-rays of your mouth and teeth. Your specialists will use x-rays, advanced 3-D technology scanning, and do a thorough visual inspection.

After this is done, your orthodontist will share the customized treatment plan they have developed to improve your smile. Feel free to make any inquiries concerning the treatment. You will be informed of the various financing plans and insurance options available.

Tips to Relieve Stress Before Your Orthodontist Appointment

If you still feel anxiety regarding your appointment, you can try some other tactics to help you lighten your anxiety. You can try different meditation or distraction techniques. Here’s how to relieve stress before your appointment:

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Try Mindful Meditation

Meditation is one of the most effective remedies for dental anxiety. This technique is typically used to increase awareness and consciousness. Worrying about what will happen at the orthodontist will trigger your sympathetic nervous system to produce a ‘fight or flight’ response. Meditation techniques such as breathwork will help relax the body, leading to a reduction in stress levels.

Other techniques that you can try out include grounding, a form of connecting with your environment to align your emotional and mental processes.

Find an Orthodontist You’re Comfortable With

You will be seeing your orthodontist quite a bit, depending on the number of appointments. You will need to find an orthodontist who makes you comfortable and helps reduce your anxiety throughout the process.

Choose an orthodontist whose office hours will be convenient with your daily schedule. Be sure to visit the office to confirm cleanliness and their level of professionalism. This is your chance to assess the staff and enquire about their booking and billing procedures. You may be able to ask to meet the orthodontist before your appointment to determine if they’ll be able to handle your case. If the patient in question is your child, you can let them meet the orthodontist to make sure they will be a good fit. Don’t shy away from asking about your orthodontist’s training and qualifications.

Distract Yourself

You can distract yourself with various techniques before your appointment to get rid of the fears you may have. Begin with having an honest discussion with your orthodontist about your feelings of anxiety. Be open about any previous negative experiences, so they know what to avoid.

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Another classic distraction technique is listening to music to put you in a relaxed mood. Music will force your brain to focus less on whatever thoughts may consume you before or during the appointment. Make sure you pick music that keeps you calm.

Say Goodbye to Dental Anxiety

Tension, stress, and fear are some of the feelings you may experience before your next orthodontics visit. These tips will help you relax and alleviate stress before your orthodontist appointment. Your oral health can affect your quality of life, so don’t hesitate to visit an orthodontist. Also, prefer the expert orthodontist Warrington that helps you to improve your oral health.

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