Top 10 Architecture Firms in Canada

Architecture Firms in Canada
Architecture Firms in Canada

An architecture company is a company that employs one or a lot of accredited architects and practices the profession of architecture. The architect can act as a mediator for the owner and contractor within the administration of the development contract throughout the complete construction method and even into post-construction activities. The architect will play a big role in a much prebid conference. Canada has several good architecture firms with upskilled teams and technology. They had an amazing good portfolio leaving you with many options to choose from and at affordable rates. Top 10 Architecture Firms in Canada.

Below are some of the Top 10 Architecture Firms in Canada

Architecture Alliance

Adamson Associates - The Skyscraper Center

Architecture alliance is one of the top 10 architectural firms in Canada.  It is a Toronto, based firm for over the last 20 years. It is a top design practice based in Toronto engaged in the act of town-building, offering complete architectural services across an extensive variety of contexts, scales, and building types from schools and galleries to low-priced housing and mixed-use developments, to urban parks and civic precincts. The company works with clients and collaborators in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

 They have an exclusive team of designers, researchers, and urbanists who care about the city and take care to create spaces that give that meaning and invention to the ways people live and work. At a–A, the company is in detail engaged withinside the project of the city and in exploring nuanced methods of it articulating and advancing it’s through thoughtful responses to nowadays and tomorrow’s urban questions, massive and small. Building on a record of creative and responsive solutions to housing and density, the assignment of a- A is to meaningfully make a contribution to, in addition, to maintain to lead, ongoing conversations about how the modern town takes form. 

Whether or not it’s for a school, a gallery, a workplace or a residential tower, or sometimes a whole neighborhood they begin from the floor up and are grounded via way of means of their dedication to practicing meaningful and sustainable urbanism. Far over it has become one of the best architectural firms in Canada.


Architecture Firms in Vancouver | Cutler

Cutler is one of the top 10 architectural firms in Canada.  It was created in 2010. Today the corporation is operated by a wonderful team who helps their clients in exceeding their design and enterprise objectives. The team is resourceful, quality-targeted, and agile. They act, react and offer solutions to maintain projects moving forward. Their approach to design is guided by this belief. As a top agency, they are dedicated to the ongoing exploration of the built environment and its lasting imprint on the people and communities it is designed for. 

Their method of design is creative, real, and thoughtful. They cope with the spatial and social responses that had to create an enduring impact in our ever-evolving world. Their various portfolio of revel in interdisciplinary design work allows them to impact how people engage with their community, town, and surroundings. They work collaboratively to reveal the layout capacity of each area in a significant and impactful manner revealing its specific narrative and making sure that it meets the wishes of their clients. 

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They practice direct, open, and sincere communication through all elements of a project. They take a real and sincere method to provide a positive experience and amazing service to their clients. Moreover, it is one of the best architectural firms in Canada.


gh3-House 27-12-FRONT ENTRY.jpg

Gh3* is one of the top 10 architectural firms in Canada.   It is a peer-identified and top award-triumphing Canadian design practice. Pat Hanson is a founding companion of gh3*. Under her leadership, the company has mounted a reputation for design integrity across a range of building typologies and through all scales of practice. Their workplace works in the increasingly complex realm in which architecture, urbanism and panorama overlap. The design with a modernist’s eye to order, beauty, and social possibility, an environmentalist’s focus on sustainability and long-time period thinking. 

Their lively and interdisciplinary team is dedicated to the great in innovative practice. They convey a tailored, client-focused approach to every level of the design and construction process, with the purpose of accomplishing pragmatic, poetic, environmentally-responsible, and aesthetically effective design solutions. They have finished initiatives at each scale, from small park pavilions and personal homes to massive civic and transit infrastructure. gh3*’s work has been published widely and has received several awards.

 Notable project awards include Governor-General medals for the Borden Park Natural Swimming Pool, the Borden Park Pavilion, Real-Time Control Building #three and the Photographers Studio over a Boathouse.  The firm was named one of the World’s Twenty Most Innovative Companies in 2020 by Fast Company for their projects related to city water. Moreover, it is one of the top and best architectural firms in Canada.

  • Company website: https://www.gh3.ca/
  • Address: 55 Ossington Ave Toronto, ON M6J 2Y9 Canada
  • Contact no:   416 915 1791


KPMB Architects | Royal Architectural Institute of Canada

KPMB is one of the top 10 architectural firms in Canada.    It is a Canadian architecture company founded by Bruce Kuwabara, Thomas Payne, Marianne McKenna, and Shirley Blumberg, in 1987. It is established in Toronto, where the majority of its work is found. As a full-service practice, they offer expertise in building design, interior design, master planning, place of work strategy, project management, stakeholder engagement and sustainable design. 

KPMB has designed and introduced projects totaling more than 31 million square feet in a broad variety of sectors, which include education, healthcare, scientific research, arts and culture, government, corporate, hospitality, undertaking, and mixed-use development. KPMB’s early projects have been completed in association with Barton Myers, which includes Woodsworth College at the University of Toronto (1991) and the Art Gallery of Ontario Stage III Expansion (1992). 

Early on withinside the practice, KPMB gained predominant competition: Kitchener City Hall and the Joseph S. Stauffer Library, the brand new central library for Queen’s University in Kingston, ON. Their wide-ranging work has earned over four hundred reputable awards, including sixteen Governor General’s Medals, Canada’s highest honor. Moreover, it is one of the best architectural firms in Canada.

Ibi Group

IBI Group - New London Architecture

IBI Group is one of the top 10 architectural firms in Canada. Founded in 1974 to offer expert services for city development and transportation, IBI Group has over 60 places of work and 3,000 employees. The Company’s project is to outline the cities of tomorrow and its vision is to be the worldwide partner to plan, designing and maintain the cities of tomorrow. The worldwide practice integrates architecture, planning, engineering, and technology. 

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For Yale University School of Management, the company combined teaching centers and social areas which include 16 double-height blue drums containing school rooms arranged around a central courtyard. In 2004, IBI Group went public stocks are traded on the Toronto Stock Exchange, and their internet revenue last year turned to almost $400 million. IBI Group has been ranked as one of the largest structure or architecture/engineering companies in the world. Overall, it is one of the best architectural firms in Canada.

  • Company website: https://www.ibigroup.com/
  • Address:  IBI Group, 55 St. Clair West, 7th Floor. 3rd Floor. Toronto, Ontario M4V 2Y7, CA.
  • Contact no: (416) 596-1930.

Diamond Schmitt

Diamond Schmitt Architects | Architect Magazine

Diamond Schmitt Architects is one of the top 10 architectural firms in Canada. It is a global architecture firm designing transformative, purpose-driven, and highly sustainable buildings from its four studios located in New York, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver.  Over three hundred professionals work on homes across the world, such as educational centers, residences, cultural institutions, and industrial projects. In addition to the company’s founding principals, there are 19 different principals, nine senior associates, 37 associates, eight Directors, 129 registered graduate and scholar architects, and a support staff of 43, for a total of 215. 

Thoughtfully adapting ancient homes, the firm is at work on a reimagined David Geffen Hall at New York’s Lincoln Center and has converted Ottawa’s former Union Station into a brand new home for the Senate of Canada. Diamond Schmitt additionally builds from the floor up, such as structures united by materiality, natural light, and dramatic gestures. Diamond Schmitt Architects has acquired several regional, national and international awards for excellence in design. The company became recognized in 2009 by Deloitte LLP, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, KPMG, and the Queen’s University School of Business as being one of the 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada. Overall, it is one of the best architectural firms in Canada.

  • Company website: https://dsai.ca/
  • Address:  1050 West Pender St. Suite 2010. Vancouver, BC V6E 3S7 
  •  Contact no: +1 604 674 0866


Home | Lemay - Architecture and design

Lemay is an incorporated multidisciplinary design service and top 10  architectural firms in Canada. Five offices in Canada and one in New York all touted as carbon neutral hold experts working on architecture, branding, interior design, landscape architecture, structural engineering, city planning, and extra. At 407 McGill, a historic commercial building in Montreal, the company carefully integrated an extension and a street-degree restaurant.

 Lemay designs spaces that enhance the natural environment, create prices for the companies and communities they serve, and enhance the lives of the people who use them. Lemay has obtained more than four hundred awards. It has been recognized as the top architectural firm in Canada.

  • Company website: https://lemay.com/
  • Address:  3500 St-Jacques St. Montreal, QC Canada H4C 1H2

Bdp Quadrangle

BDP Quadrangle (architecture firm) - Wikipedia

BDP Quadrangle is one of the top 10 architectural firms in Canada. It is a Canadian studio for BDP, a world top design firm with 1,300 people sturdy with eighteen studios around the world and projects in four dozen countries. Quadrangle, with a 35-year history, joined BDP to make BDP Quadrangle in 2020. Their experience spans coming up with the complete spectrum of the designed atmosphere as well as mixed-use, residential, workplace, retail, transit, media, education, and health

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Their portfolio ranges from the jack-knifing, sculptural front façade of Abacus Lofts, to sixty Atlantic Avenue, the reconciling reprocess of a 3-story 19th-century wine warehouse. BDP  management practices have won the US five consecutive Canada’s Best Managed corporations awards, and they have maintained their Best Managed Gold standard status since 2019. Overall, it has been recognized as the best architectural firm in Canada.

Altius Architecture

Altius Architecture, Inc. | Archello

Altius is one of the top 10 architectural firms in Canada. It is one of the best design and construction management firms with an emphasis on sustainability. operating across Ontario, their focus is on bringing along architects, engineers, contractors and clients. Their projects combine components of Canadian vernacular architecture with an emphasis on acquisition and materials.

 The firm’s styles specialize insensitivity to site, thoughtful interiors, and innovative design. For a house on the shore of Lake Joseph in Ontario, Altius created a contemporary building that nods to the classification of the native area. Overall, it has become the best architectural firm in Canada.

  • Company website: https://altius.net/
  • Address:   1724 Queen Street West Toronto, Ontario M6R 1B3.
  •  Contact no: (416) 516-7772


superkül - Dexigner

Superkul is one of the top 10 architectural firms in Canada. Led by Andre D’Elia and Meg Graham, superkül is an architecture and design practice founded in Toronto in 2002. The studio’s purpose is to build sustainable homes and areas which are lovely and unusual while staying useful and absolutely assembly client needs. 

The company has an extensive portfolio of project types, starting from lawn design and single-family housing to medium-length commercial / institutional work and master planning. For a residence on Georgian Bay on hand by boat only, superkül devised a modern extension characterized by natural clean cedar and white-stained fir floor planks. Superkul is recognized as one of the best in Canada’s leading small design practices.

Top Architectural Firms in Canada Along With Their Websites:

1.ARCHITECT ALLIANCEhttps://www.architectsalliance.com/
5.IBI GROUPhttps://www.ibigroup.com/
6.DIAMOND SCHMITThttps://dsai.ca/
8.BDP QUADRANGLEhttps://www.bdpquadrangle.com/

How many architecture firms are in Canada?

17,500 architectural

Who is the most famous architect in Canada?

With an HPI of 77.09, Frank Gehry is the most famous Canadian Architect.

How much do Canadian architects make?

The average architect’s salary in Canada is $97,500 per year or $50 per hour. 

Which city in Canada has the best architecture?

Ottawa has the highest standard of living in Canada and among the functional government buildings you’ll also find plenty of architectural gems.

What buildings symbolize Canada?

  1. Atwater Market
  2. Province House.
  3. Sharp Centre for Design
  4. Habitat 67
  5. Museum of Anthropology at the University of British Columbia

Who is the most famous Canadian architect internationally?

Arthur Erickson


As for the final say, these are some of the top 10 architectural firms in Canada. These firms are quite reputable and had accomplished projects for big clients.